Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tall Snowman

We don't get much snow in North Texas so it is a real treat when we get enough to make a snowman.  This is a photo of a photo I took in 2004 (the last few months before I went to a digital camera).

Notice there is no snow left in the yard - we had to use it all to make this tall guy!

I used this as my model for this silly snowman

So while snowmen (three circles) are one of the easiest punch art things you can make - don't be afraid to dress them up and change them up a little bit and make them unique.  These are the same glasses that the bookworm wore.
Since I am born and bred here in the "land of little snow" I'm all out of snowman experience so tomorrow I'll have to show you something else.


Carolyn Sharkas said...

I love him! I am from the land of even less snow. The last time we got snow here was in 1978, and we really didn't have enough to make even that fat of a snowman, maybe a pencil thin one, so your punched snowmen are as close as we can come to the real thing. Love the reading glasses.


CORSAI57 said...

I am from the land of LOTS of snow, and he is so cute.Thanks for creating and sharing.

Wanda in NC said...

Great copy girl! Sorry you all don't get alot of snow - it's usually so much fun unless we have to clean off the drives and walkways. LOL