Monday, October 19, 2009

I am a Bookworm

I love to read.
My BOM would not be complete without a page on books! 

And I just had to take a quick break from the pointy chin men - yes, there are more coming. 

Want to see my book page?  If no, click that little x on the top of your screen, otherwise look here:

I cannot believe how much I like this layout.  It has two colors I rarely use - Sahara Sand (textured) and Brilliant Blue and one color I usually hate, Glorious Green and yet I LOVE them together on this page. 

I had glorious green scraps on my desk from the Christmas Elf (HAD to use it for him) so that is what I picked up to run through the Big Shot for the hearts and bracket (Hearts and Brackets Die) - I was just playing around experimenting with title ideas - no intention of actually using that shade of green (super yuk).  I had already made a worm in Green Galore to use on this page. To my great shock - I loved the Glorious Green and black on the sahara sand so I remade the worm to match.

When I remade the book worm I snapped a photo so you can easily see the punches I used. 

  • Worm is 1/2 inch circle, 3/4 inch circle, 1 inch circle, TWO 1.25 inch circles and the large oval for his head. 

  • Eyes are 2 white 3/4 inch circles with standard hole punch in black  (white gel pen marks)

  • Glasses are (two) 1/2 inch circle holes - then punch around the holes with the 3/4 inch circle to get the rims. 

  • Ear pieces are (two) slot punches

I sponged each worm segment with glorious green ink. And I ran a black marker around the edge of the eyes after adhering the glasses since some of the white showed on the sides.

The book stacks are simply a combination of various rectangles with some word window punches that were cut down again with the word window punch to get the "going in" curve.

I added some narrow black lines (from trimmer) to give the worm and the books a 'base' so they were not floating in mid air.  You will see lots of narrow lines in my scrapbooks - guess that is my 'signature thing' since I repeat it all the time. 

I may have someone in the family take a picture of me reading and I will slip it below the top book stack but I may not ever get around to it.  The one photo I found with me reading is just TOO unflattering for use here. I'm about truth in the scrapbook but some truth is just too ugly to post on the Internet.  It would be perfect for a blackmail album. 

Blackmail album idea - one I have never gotten around to doing but intend to someday - use a black album and include all those bloopers and photos that should hit the trash can or recycle bin but you kept anyway.  The ones where your kid just kept sticking his tongue out - or the one of your backside as you hung stuff on the tree - those would go here. 

I may use a bigger picture and take some photos of my bookshelves and make this into a two page spread - I am so freaked out about liking this shade of green with the black and sahara, I feel like I should use more of it while I'm in the mood. 

The little worm is easy to make and I think he is precious.  Maybe you can use him with an apple if books aren't your cup of tea?  If you don't need him on a card or scrapbook page how about on a bookmark or a gift tag when you give a book as a present? 


Carolyn Sharkas said...

Ellen, you know I love to read, too. When I get around to making a BOM, there will definitely be a reading page in it. I remember taking a flashlight under the covers to read when my parents made me turn the lights out, lol. Great page, the BOM is such a fantastic idea.


Judy Rowland said...

Ellen ~ The worm, the books, and your layout are AWESOME!! I, too, love the color scheme!! Until I started reading your blog, I never even would have thought to put a BOM together. You are definitely changing my mind!! Thanks for the ongoing inspiration!!

P.S. I'm glad you are just putting the pointy chin men on hold. I've been enjoying them immensely, and can't wait to see more of your creations!!

Lorie said...

This is just too cute! If I may I'd like to use the books for a different idea with a corner bookmark. I will share if I make it work out! :o)

Susan said...

Oh my I am loving all your punch art!! You rock on, so I can continue to enjoy. Thanks a bazillion for sharing! You are my daily fix

Marti said...

What a wonderful set of pages and I love the bookworm - I'm just hooked on him.

thanks for sharing

Leonie said...

Found your little worn via Andrea's site, great idea! I just made my own, thanks for the inspiration :)