Sunday, October 28, 2012

Yes, I'm Fine

Due to multiple concerned comments and emails, I thought I'd pop in to let you know I'm fine.

Remember, I am no longer with SU and I am still "off" paper crafts, so there is no punch art to share. Heck, I haven't even looked at anyone else's blog in six months so I can't point you to anything new.

So what am I doing?

Just returned from a three week visit to see hubby (he is working in Australia).  Fun!!!

I'm crocheting these days.  I learned how about 6 weeks ago and I'm burning through the yarn - sometime ripping out and redoing multiple times (not proud of that but I'm an honest woman)

My girls are fine.

My oldies are chugging along. Or is that tottering along?  (one of each is accurate)

Hubby misses me (of course). I miss him.

The dog is still a lovable shedding sweetie.

I have the house "fixed" so if we MOVE I'm ready for the realtor. All those little chores you put off are done and I'm 90% decluttered.  There is always something else to give away although the word "barren" came out of hubby's mouth on his last visit home...  Could I have gone too far?

I have lost 22 lbs. (Weight Watchers and exercise and still working on losing more...)

Can't say if I'll ever get back to punching. And I am turning off comments on the blog because I am darn tired of deleting 20 spam comments everyday.  I'll leave the blog up for you to refer to if you find a burning need for one of my old ideas.

Thanks for stopping in and who knows, one day that old Inspiration Fairy might find her way home...