Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Fairy has been baking...

Don't worry, the Inspiration Fairy has been located.  Blog reader, Melanie Gunn, confessed that she has been at her house, baking cakes.  She helped Melanie bake this for a four year old:

Lucky four year old, huh?
I'm very glad to know that the I-Fairy hasn't been lazy!

Hoping while Melanie goes on her vacation, I can lure the fairy back to my punch drawer...  I have gotten a few requests and I hope to be able to help out.  Have fun on your travels Melanie! 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Call BPS

Someone needs to call BPS (Blog Protection Services) because I am SERIOUSLY neglecting this blog.

It is neglect when you totally miss your child's birthday, right? 

The blink blog had its second birthday this week and I didn't even think of it.

Bad blogger.

Can't really say what will become of Blinky this year.  I have the kids settled and am trying to get the hubby ready to work on the other side of the world which should leave me with lots of time to craft and punch but I'm not finding the enthusiasm for that. 

My short term goals are things like cleaning closets and painting bedrooms. And important things like watching Netflix.  I'll be scrapping and I guess some punch art will be created occasionally for that.

If you have requests, go ahead and ask me - maybe that is what I need to get punching again.  Otherwise, it may be pretty quiet around here. 

Which one of you is the lucky new landlord for the Inspiration Fairy?  She is a lovely tenant.  Please tell her I'd be happy to have her visit me anytime!

Friday, August 19, 2011

No punchin ' - Just talkin'

Still no punching around here.  Back from dropping off the kiddo.  Hard but not impossible.  Teared up but no hard core sobbing. 

And even though neither of the girls live here, they can still stir up plenty of drama.

Oldest drove youngest's car to work while hers was in the shop.
Left her purse in the car.  (note: I have only told her 300 times to NEVER do this)
Broken window.
Bye bye purse.

Hello DMV and Bank and all the other places you must go to replace ID.  Hello hassles, it is NOT nice to meet you.

So in case your Momma didn't tell YOU


or if you do just go ahead and leave the door unlocked so the thieves can just take it and you don't have to pay to replace the window and you don't have to vacuum tiny shards of glass out of your car.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tissue Time

About this time last year, I advised you to buy plenty of stock in a tissue company in anticipation of today because today is the day I leave to take my youngest to college. 

I am ready for her to have her big adventure... to start her "big girl life".  But I'm not ready to change my job title.  I can't exactly claim to be a "Stay Home Mom" without a kid in the home, now can I?

I guess I am now "House Wife".... oh geez, that means I'll be judged on the cleanliness of my toilets and the tastiness of my cooking instead of the wonderfulness of my girls.

Cleaning and Cooking - oh yes, certainly reason enough to spend the day crying. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Where was I?

I'm back - and I'm very near the end of the final blog hop of the 2011 VC Rocks Season - Punches Galore is our theme - I couldn't miss this!

Where have I been since last hop? My Punch Art should give you a clue...

I have helped a friend pack to move out of her HUGE house in Houston. 

I have been to Austin, carting boxes from my attic to my eldest daughter's first solo apartment. 

This next week I will move my youngest into a dorm at UT Austin.  (The girls are THRILLED to be in the same city)

And when I get home from that, I continue preparing for hubby's overseas work assignment. 

I am tired of the smell of cardboard but I'm now a whiz with packing tape!

IDEA: You could change this to be boxes of presents for a birthday or other gift giving occasion.  OR: You could easily change it to a huge layered cake (oh yes! yum..... I'll have two pieces if it's chocolate).

And you don't have to have gray sticky out hair or boots - switch them around so you don't look like me!  But if you feel the need to make ME and packing boxes, here is what you need:

Boxes - 2 rectangles of Crumb Cake - sponged  (1.25 x 1.5 inches approx)

Hair - Scallop Circle in Gray - put it on a post it note, reinsert and repunch offset - lather, rinse and repeat (OK, just repeat) and then do it again for a small bang piece.  Post it notes are a punchers friend - keep some handy.

Arms -  1.25 inch circle HOLE in a piece of  Real Red - punch around that hole with the 1.75 inch circle - cut the resulting ring in half to get the arms.  (In the spirit of honesty, I was actually wearing short sleeves through all this packing - we had 40 consecutive days over 100 degrees around here...and more in the forecast)

Hands - Modern Label in flesh tone (I still have a stockpile of retired Blush Blossom, you could use Blushing Bride) repunch each end with a 1/2 inch circle

Jeans - modern label on denim paper - trim the "bumps" off one end  (need 2 since I have 2 legs)  To make denim paper, simply rub your Night of Navy ink pad all over a piece of Bashful Blue cardstock.  (Yes, it is that easy)

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Shoes - (supposed to look like my favorite and constantly worn Cowboy Boots) - 5 petal flower - trimmed with scissors.

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