Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Blossom Petal Builder Punch

Maybe if I write the name of this punch a few more times, I'll actually remember it.  As of now, I'm still having to look it up.  Blossom Petal Builder is the one that looks like a feather duster to me - Haven't used it too much so I tried another project and I think you might like this..

Ok, maybe you'll like it better next Easter instead of now but I haven't been turning out too many punch ideas so you best just take what I can give and don't be picky about seasonal timing.

Body - large feather duster petal from Blosoom Petal Builder
WIngs - large feather duster again (cut int half)
Beak - narrow heart to heart, trim bumps end off
Feet - I cut the little flower from itty bitty punch pack - but I should have just used the owl feet
Hat - medium oval
Hat brim - combo of ornament and large oval
Flower - itty bitty punch pack, standard hole punch center

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blossom Petal Builder Punch Pooch

Did I really NEED to punch yet another dog?  No, but let's just be glad I punched something...

And he did turn out kinda cute...

Head and Body - Feather Duster looking part of the Blossom Petal Builder (BPB), for head insert small end into 1/2 inch circle to shorten and round for his forehead.
Muzzle - large leaf BPB - trimmed on one end to "match"
Ears - small leaf BPB
Paws - small blossom BPB, trimmed flat on one side
Tail - large oval next to hole of same
Nose - 1/2 inch circle on edge of paper
Tongue - any small circle next to hole of same - trim end to round
Collar - 3/4 circle around 1/2 circle hole
Heart tag - small heart to heart (old tiny punch from SU  - might match eyes on the owl punch???)
Ring on color - circle from itty bitty punch pieces around standard hole punch hole
Eyes - small heart in white, standard hole punch in black

This was inspired by a stamp in a 2001 catalog that I am not allowed to name due to SU Cult Rules -Why are they paranoid about admitting other companies have nice product?  (I can't answer because I don't understand the cult mentality)

The real question is why do I still have ANY company's 2001 catalog?....  might be time to do some more purging around here...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011



I think we'll have to call June 2011 the "Lost Month" on the Blink Blog.

Went over to my former upline's house this week thinkin' she'd light a fire under my lazy crafting butt. But she was not up to that monumental task - I sat and visited with her while she scrapbooked. I punched a few pieces with a new pennant punch that is coming out July 1- but made exactly NOTHING worth sharing.

She was working on an old Halloween page where her son was TAZ. So we pulled up my punched Taz on her laptop and she recreated it. I just kept looking at it thinking "how the heck did I ever figure that out?" I was amazed at my former self - that was definitely genius compared to what I've thought up lately.

I have a couple of ideas that are flitting around in my head. Maybe July will be a better month.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hey blog readers.  Did ya notice I was gone?

Been "on the Vineyard" with my girls and my brother's clan and my mom (SO very nice to have relatives that plan your trip for you!)  Got home a little before 2 am - TIRED - so we all slept in

But I just had to post a little VICTORY announcement in case you didn't notice that our beloved MAVS are the CHAMPIONS in the land of the orange round ball and hoops with cute little nets dangling from them.

Hubby didn't travel with us because he had TICKETS to all the home games in the series and had to leave on a business trip before our scheduled return.  When I talked to him, he was so excited I think he could have gotten to his destination without the plane - we are flying high around here!!

I did snap several photos with punch inspiration while on our trip so I hope to actually have some punch art for you soon.  Sadly, first I must do laundry and grocery shop.  Vacation would be so much better if there wasn't a full day of CHORES tacked on to the end of it, know what I mean?

Monday, June 6, 2011

18th Birthday

Here is how my smart nerd wanted to celebrate her 18th birthday:

She had never had a bounce house for her birthday - Check that off the list.

I am heading off with the girls on a fun trip for a few days.  They tell me I'll have Internet but I certainly won't have any supplies to punch you anything. 

Why don't some of you punch me some dolphins so I can scrap these photos when I get home? 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Buttons Busting

Baby girl (also known as "kiddo who lives at home" will graduate from high school tonight.  And let me BUST MY BUTTONS with pride telling you that her class rank is 11 out of a class of 760.  If you need me to calculate that for you, she is in the top 2% of her class.

I hope you are impressed because we are so so proud.  Smart smart smart (and cute and sweet) just like her big sis.  That is also smart like her mama and cute like her daddy  (neither of us are very sweet)

I told her she was EXTRA special graduating 11th in 2011.   And I'll be beaming from the 4th row as she walks that stage.

Way to go kiddo!!!!!

but did you have to grow up so fast?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wanna see something new?

No, not from the new SU catalog (available to everyone July 1)  - I'm too tight to expedite...

This is a new download for MDS called Hello Baby - and it has a pennant punch which makes pennants and  easy turned down corners too.

and there is PINK in the kit too

you have to order the kit to get the MDS pennant punch right now - I'm betting it will be available separately at a later date - but that is just my guess.

No punch art book from me...

Last fall I told y'all I was working on a punch art book, and I was.  Then Daddy died and I got off kilter.  Yesterday's announcement retiring the small oval punch(sob!) made it clear to me that a book just isn't practical to do - when the punches are not available for purchase, who would buy a book? 

And basically, half the punch art on this blog is useless without this punch.  Never thought they would retire such a basic shape - but alas, Stampin' Up! is focused on stamping not punching - the company is not called "Punching Up!", now is it?   (grin)

As disappointing as this is, we will all survive somehow. 

Yes, life will go on without the small oval punch, and it will CERTAINLY go on without my "1/4 th written" book ever seeing the light of day.

I still get regular emails from some readers asking about this project, so I thought I'd let you ALL know to stop expecting it.

Now, if you don't already own them,  go order those punches before they are all sold out!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Retiring Punches

Today is the big day - when Stampin' Up! announces the retiring stamps and accessories - and nine out of ten demo blogs will have that info for you.

I just want to give you a head up on punches - in case you don't have some of the retiring ones.

Spiral Punch - love it for it's intended purpose - makes great "film strips" - makes cleats for baseball and golf characters - you NEED this one

Bitty Bat - bye bye - won't really miss it

Cogs Double punch - bye bye - won't really miss it

Designer Label Punch - Perfect for skeleton skulls, I think I used it for lanterns too - can't remember much else -  you can survive without it unless you are a Halloween Freak (and then you might want the bat punch too)

1 3/8 x 5/8 oval- when I saw this I thought it was the new oval but girls - I think this is the "small oval" which is CRUCIAL for punch art.  If you don't have it ORDER TODAY  - NOW While supplies last!!!!!  I suspect it is used for 1/2 of my characters - this is a top drawer - easy reach - used ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo Corners Punch - used to make a "few" things.  And I like it for photo corners.  I recommend you get it while you can.  It is a keeper!

Star Punch - I don't use it for a lot of punch art but come on - we need a star punch for STARS!!!!  I recommend you buy this one too.

That is my 2 cents - whether you pay me or not!

Heritage Page - in Pink?

Bella Rose paper is a BRAND NEW download (of retired designer series paper) for MDS and I thought it would work with heritage photos  - then, based on that paper, I decided to use one of the photo effect tools and tinted the focal photo pink.  I think I like it!

This would be my father-in-law's aunt.  Isn't she gorgeous?