Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Taste for Cardstock...

Carey Rogers, online friend and frequent commentor on this blog, has a dog named Roscoe. 

Roscoe eats swaps. 

Twice (that I know of) Carey has been in crisis mode because Roscoe has a taste for cardstock. 

Today's dog doesn't exactly look like Roscoe because the real Roscoe is mainly black but this is my tribute to Carey's beloved pet.

You could make a bone for his mouth - or newspaper - or slippers - or whatever you would like him to be slobbering on.

I am not giving a punch list or directions today - I'll be providing them on the VC Rocks yahoo group as an online make and take (Roscoe is infamous on VC)  - After that is "published", I'll come back and edit this post (assuming I remember, I am old and forgetful)  

EDIT:  Punch directions can be found HERE

And I'll be missing in action the next few days.  I'll be scrapping like a mad woman in East Texas.  I go on an annual retreat with a group of ladies that (gasp!) use/sell another product line but they let me tag along because I am so fun (and pay my money on time!)

Y'all have a great weekend and keep on punching!

And HAPPY NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY on Saturday!  If you are too busy to scrap at least take a photo and say you will scrap it "someday".

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Challenge in Basic Blah

I won't share everything I make for VC Rocks (yahoo group) this summer but I wanted to put in another plug for you to join - if laughing and LOTS of email are your thing.  New members are being accepted (for one month only) beginning this Friday April 30.

Here is a sample of what is going on - Kimm (fearless leader and SU fan - not demo) has had us do a little pre-challenge each day (OK cleaning our stamp desks was not a LITTLE challenge) - one day she said to punch or cut 3 different shapes and cut a 4x8 strip of paper, no other hints.  I  just grabbed what was on my desk - black from the Tigger card, vanilla, and kraft - and I reached into my scrap drawer and pulled up some soft suede for my last shape . EASY challenge.

Next day's instructions - we were to use the strip as a card base (must add ink to it), embellish one punch, stamp one punch and leave one punch plain.

Oh great! - me and my black base and blah colors.  But, that is why they are called challenges!  Here is what I came up with:

And I kinda like it.  First time to ink up my Extreme Elements set (it isn't that bad - I just got it last week)

From the chatter I'm pretty sure our classes will include one on bleach stamping (as shown at one of the SU regional gatherings), punching (of course),  and someone just volunteered to teach a class on procrastination  (or did she say next year?) There will be many many more classes and challenges!  And swaps!  And games!  And contests!  (and prizes!!!!!!)

Here is the link again if you want to join.  VC Rocks  They will email you a survey and you must send it back to get in.  But remember it is a HIGH email volume group of girls.  Accepting new members from this Friday until May 30- then the real fun begins - and the whole thing ends in August.  It is a summer full of fun!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tigger Again

No, don't get all excited.  This isn't Tigger in another pose.  I'm showing you how I wound up using him.

Within 24 hours of his creation, I used Tigger for a birthday card.  Hubby's best friend Scott was having one of those "milestone" birthdays - I won't mention which one.

I made a tri-shutter card for him.  Link to tri-fold directions here. These are not hard to make and they are fun and impressive.  You can really embellish them or you can leave this card a little plainer - which is what I did since this is a "guy card".

What I did different was to make the white circle on the middle panel OPEN up to reveal the answer to my question (They are both "one of a kind")

Then I decorated some of the back of the card to add a spot for signing our names - but didn't take a photo of that.  Paper, ink, signatures... I'm pretty sure you can imagine it.

I'm also pretty sure Scott doesn't read my blog (his wife might)- but if he does he'll know how much I love him - to give up my favorite punch character EVER after having just a few hours with it.   Love ya Scotty!

Monday, April 26, 2010

T-i-double guh-err

I have had polls and questions where I ask you which of the punch art characters were your favorites - many of you have a hard time deciding. 

Well, I don't have any problems deciding because THIS has to be MY favorite punch art creation EVER.

Do you want to see it?

The answer does not matter because I can't wait another minute to show this to you.

"The wonderful thing about Tiggers
Is Tiggers are wonderful things
Their tops are made out of rubber
Their bottoms are made out of springs
They're bouncy trouncy
Flouncy pouncy
Fun fun fun fun FUN
But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is I'm the only one!"

click here to hear the whole song

This won't be the ONLY one, because at least half a dozen of you will fall in love with him and make him for yourselves!

Here is the how to:
body - large oval in barely banana (retiring in June) 2 large oval in Pumpkin pie
arms - word window
hands - wide heart from heart to heart - trim to get "thumb"
legs - butterfly punch trimmed as shown in photo below
feet - 3/4 inch circle trimmed
soles of feet - shortened word window in chocolate chip
tail - modern label (make little snips in with scissors)
bottom jaw - small oval trimmed in on one side (see photo below)
inside mouth - word window piece in bravo burgundy
muzzle - 3/4 inch circle
nose - new circle (available May 1 in punch pack) in pink
head - piece of 1.25 inch circle (see photo below)
eyes - piece of 3/4 inch circle
ears - pieces of 1/2 inch circle and new circle (available May 1 in punch pack)

I outlined most of the pieces in black and scribbled on the stripes  - drew on eyes and eyebrows.

Tigger is my favorite Hundred Acre Wood citizen!  Most of them make me grin, he makes me LAUGH!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Favorite Punch Revealed

Tomorrow, I'm going to show you my favorite punch art character EVER; and so, I have been thinking about FAVORITES. 

I love love love the Ornament punch but I've decided that the Butterfly has the most versatility of all the 'odd shape' punches (odd shape = things beyond circles and ovals). 

So I am going to officially declare the butterfly punch as my FAVORITE- yes, that is the BUTTERFLY, the one I came so close to NOT buying!  And to look at it... I probably would not want to buy it now - but look at this list.......

Here are THIRTY things I have made using the butterfly punch:
  1. Shirt (Winnie the Pooh)
  2. Dog eyebrows
  3. Dog body (Odie)
  4. Dog head (Snoopy)
  5. Dog nose
  6. Chipmunk tongue
  7. Lady's suit jacket
  8. Shoes & Boots - lots and lots of shoes!
  9. Goat Head
  10. Stork Head
  11. Head of Pharaoh Don
  12. Female body for pretty ladies, beach babes, witch and the Inspiration Fairy
  13. Moustache
  14. Popeye's face
  15. Cupid's butt
  16. Sunglasses
  17. Mouse Ears
  18. Elephant Ears
  19. Rabbit Nose
  20. Pirate eye-patch
  21. Boobs (sagging)
  22. Eyes
  23. Turkey head
  24. Pelican head
  25. Ostrich legs
  26. Donkey muzzle
  27. Duck bill
  28. Duck feet
  29. Bow
  30. and legs... legs with the butterfly punch will be revealed tomorrow.

To see these, follow this link

And one more thing......

You can make butterflies with it too!

I think there is a weed in his garden...

I don't know how I'll use Rabbit - I gave him a grumpy face because that is what I remember from the videos my kids used to watch. I think he has spied a weed in his garden!

You can make him 'happier' by changing where you put the black in his eye and changing his eyebrow shape and position.  Play with it and see what you can do.

Body - 4 large ovals - white one trimmed as shown in photo below
Head - wide oval trimmed as shown
Neck - word window
Ears - small oval trimmed
Ear center - scrap cut by hand
Muzzle - edge of butterfly punch repunched with end of small oval
Nose - new circle
Feet - small oval, flat on bottom
Arms - square next to square hole
Hands - new flower from Punch Pack (available May 1) - trim some 'petals' off
Tail - 3/4 inch circle - used distressing tool to "fluff" it

The hoe was just so he'd have something to hold - you could add a carrot or flower or a pot of honey for his friend Pooh!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh d-d-dear-dear

"It's hard to be brave when you are a very small animal"

Piglet! I love the stammering little pink guy....

I don't exactly know why I picked this lying down pose... but you 'get what you get' around here.  

This is how I plan to use him - as a title element on a Book of Me page about small things that are important.

Body - large oval - slightly curved lines drawn with marker
Arms and feet  - wide heart in heart to heart - feet are trimmed down on one side of the heart (wanted them to look smaller since they are supposed to be "behind" the rest of him in this pose)
Ears - wide heart in heart to heart snipped into two ears
Nose - new circle punch (available May 1) snipped on the bottom
Face - large oval trimmed as shown in this photo:

Friday, April 23, 2010

Chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff...

You knew when you saw Eeyore there would be more characters from the Hundred Acre Wood, didn't you?

I've been humming the song for a couple of days   "..chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff"

Today, of course, is Pooh.

Hardest part is his head.   It is a 1.75 circle but you have to do some trimming - like this:

Body - 1.75 circle - thinned just a TINY bit by reinserting into same punch - like this:

It had to be "thinned" to fit in the shirt.

Shirt - Butterfly  - trimmed as shown in this photo:

You have to admit this shirt is pretty genius, don't ya?

Arms - word window
Legs - wide heart in heart to heart
Ears - new circle punch (available May 1 in a punch pack)
Nose - standard hole punch
Soles of feet - piece of 1/2 inch circle punch

Draw on face, outline parts, sponge area around eyes - you need the shading for depth.  I used Crushed Curry for Pooh, Real Red for shirt, More Mustard for soles of feet, Black for nose.

Here he is - floating with his balloons...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Guest Puncher - Belinda Johnson's Eeyore

You all are in luck - Belinda let me share her Eeyore!  Isn't he fab?
No directions - but you can figure it out.  You can!

Gloomy Guy...

"One can't complain. I have my friends.
Someone spoke to me only yesterday."

Don't just love gloomy ol' Eeyore?  I know he is described as gray in the stories, but in my kid's old VHS movies he is blue - so ballet blue (retiring in June) is what I did here.

SU really doesn't have the right size punches for his body - so I pieced some together - but you might have better results using your circle scissors plus or (gasp!) using other punches to get it bigger.

Body - 1.75 circle plus a wide oval to make his body longer (taller - whichever word you prefer)
Neck - large oval
Mane - cross hatch or plus sign looking punch (NEW in summer mini  available 5/1/10 - sold in a pack with 2 other punches)
Head - wide oval trimmed in a little on each side
Muzzle - 1 3/8 circle in apricot appeal (also retiring in June) top rounded with wide oval
Eye - small heart punch cut in half, standard hole punch
Ears - large oval cut in half (not a straight cut, kinda curvy), piece of small oval in rich razzleberry
Front leg - modern label
Back leg - large oval - trimmed in to distinguish foot
Tail - hand cut - using hole from small oval as guide
Tail hair - small heart, snipped in like grass
Bow - smallest from heart to heart and standard hole punch
Thumbtack holding tail - throwaway piece from spiral punch - trimmed the "head" down to shorten

If you are a demo you should check Belinda Johnson's StampinConnection gallery for her front facing Eeyore - she uses a round tab punch for his head.  If you aren't a demo, you are out of luck seeing this - unless of course you want to join us......  email me!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm thinking you can use this for a scrapbook page when your team/player is the ..... underdog!

Here is the first how to photo:
Head - wide oval slimmed on the sides
Muzzle - wide oval
Ears - Full heart - cut in half
Nose  - 1/2 inch circle
Eyes - new circle punch from punch pack
Neck - word window
Body - 1 wide oval 2 large ovals
U - punch 1 inch circle around word window hole
Collar - 3/4 inch circle cut in half
Legs/feet - full heart trimmed - bottom left in photo shows the red part cut from the full heart
Arms - thin pieces from punching square or photo corner next to square or photo corner hole
Hands - modern label then 1/2 inch circle - add a standard hole punch thumb

Sleeves Photo
Sleeves are modern label - bumps cut off then cut diagonally
back of sleeves is part of a 3/4 inch circle

Cape Photo
Cape is 3 inch circle trimmed a little straight on the sides
Large oval punched next to large oval hole (2)
And here he is again.....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Talking Woman

I think this woman would be good for cards with snappy sassy little sayings - like the Maxine quips that are always flying around the Internet.

I may give her a beverage from Cheers to You and use a stamp I have that says "I don't exercise because it makes the ice jump right out of my glass"

I think you can see the shapes - she isn't hard - but let me tell you how to do the mouth since that is "key" to her appearance.

Small oval in pink - trimmed with a circle to get the curve on top
Top lip - very top of the small heart in heart to heart
Tongue - drawn on
Outline all these things in black

And her shoes are the narrow heart in heart to heart cut in half - trim in for the heel.

Woo Hoo - Sometime today the leadership of VC Rocks will flip the switch to open the group for this year's Virtual Celebration of Stampin' Up! and dozens of us will immediately look like this character.

Actually we have to "talk" with our fingers on the keyboard but within minutes the emails will start flying as we reconnect with each other. This group is only open from the end of April until the end of August which makes it special and something to look forward to.  I can't wait!

Let the Yakking Begin!  VC ROCKS!  We open for New Members on April 30th if you are interested.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Smart Mutt

I'm a smart puppy.... I am not playing favorites....

This little mutt is a combination of a Scottish Terrier, a Schnauzer and the Lady bowler- you can modify to fit your breed.

Here he is without the silliness:

Here are the parts and a photo
Body - 1.75 circle trimmed flat for back
Head - 1.75 circle punched with 1 3/8 circle to get curve
Ears - 3/4 inch circle - cut (less than half)
Eyebrows - butterfly edge punched offset from butterfly hole - snipped a bit for hair look
Nose - 3/4 inch circle punched at corner of paper
Facial hair - wings from two step bird punch - snipped a bit for hair look
Eyes - standard hole punch - white gel pen
Legs - modern label trimmed diagonally (see photo below)
Tail - slot punch
Glasses - see lady bowler post

I had to trim just a little off the top of his head at final assembly - see below

Please don't start with the dog breed requests again. 
I'll get dogs done as the Fairy inspires. 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bald Biker

This is for Jen Blank.   She wrote "My guys BD is the end of the month. I love all your shapes. He is an avid bicycle rider you know the Lance Armstrong type. 60-100 miles at a time. Any ideas? I await your creativity."

100 miles at a time?.... I'm having a coronary just thinking about it. 

Bald biker guy was kinda complex and I have zero interest in writing down everything I did.  Don't you hate it when I do that to y'all?  Hey, this is free, don't complain!

Jen, if this is what you had in mind, email me your snail mail and I'll send him to you so you can figure him out. and customize him for the birthday boy.  Unless of course the Inspiration Fairy is too late to make his big day.

Anyone else that wants to try him - his butt is designer label, his legs are small ovals but the calves were trimmed by hand.  His eye-wear is new circle punch (available May 1) around a standard hole punch hole.  The bike is a bunch bunch bunch of different punches - so if you can't analyze the photo and figure it out - maybe you can just make a biker standing around in his helmet and not on a bike?

Oh and the cool texture on his shirt is a new embossing folder which will be available May 1.  I love it!  Buy it!

Blog Awards

Sharon Field gave me this award with these instructions:
  1. Put the Sunshine Award on your blog and/or within your post.
  2. Pass the award to 12 other bloggers.
  3. Link the nominees within your post.
  4. Let them know they received this award by leaving a comment on their blog.
  5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received the award. The hardest part, of course is narrowing it down to just 12 blogs!!

I'm gonna break the chain (is that unlucky?)

I did want you all to see the pretty flower and go check out Sharon's blog - I have gotten so many great ideas from Sharon.  But she is right - #5 is just too hard to do.

And last month I won this award from Diana at Stamping Moon.

These were her instructions
  1. Thank the person who gave it to you.
  2. Copy &  paste the award to your blog.
  3. Link to the person sending you the award.
  4. List 7 things about yourself.
  5. Nominate 7 bloggers to present the award to.
  6. Link to this posting on your blog.
  7. Notify the 7 people you nominate by leaving a comment on their blog.
And I delayed posting because of #5 again.

I'm really glad she gave me the award because I didn't know about her blog and now I'm a subscriber!

If you feel "Sunshiny" or "Kreativ" grab one of the awards for yourself and really follow the rules. 

I appreciate the awards - I really do!  But just like chain letters, I am not continuing them.

Who knew I was such a "rule breaker"?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fat Lazy and Lovable

Oops, I lied in the previous post.  You do get to see Garfield today.

After I got the basic form done I realized there were too many facial and body expressions to choose from.... and so many Garfield quotations I could use.....

"You know what a "diet" is, don't you?
 It's "die" with a "t," that's what it is!"
"With due respect to Will Rogers,
I never met a lasagna I didn't like. "

"If you want to appear smarter, hang around someone stupider."

Create a Cat:
Body -1.75 inch circle - inserted in butterfly to get small notch in back (not that important but I did it)
Head - wide oval
Arms and legs - word window and heart to heart
Hands - modern label trimmed with 1/2 inch circle
Tail - large oval around oval hole
Side cheeks -NEW circle from Itty Bitty Shapes punch (available May 1)
Cheeks, eye whites - 3/4 inch circle
Eyelids - 1 inch circle trimmed on each side
Nose - piece of small circle
Feet - small oval flat on bottom
Ears - small ovals

I am SUPER excited about this new small circle available May 1 - it is smaller than the 1/2 inch circle and larger than a standard hole punch - VERY handy for punch art!

VC Rocks!

Nope - No Garfield today.  I'm guessing several of you were logging on with hope that you would see his fat little orange face lookin' back at you but I'm telling ya - it isn't a pretty thing when I try to force the Inspiration Fairy into doing something she isn't ready to do.

Instead today you get to see a short (and I mean short) little video about a yahoo group I participate in.
there is music - so turn on your sound

Did you see me?  I was in three of the photos - I take my camera whenever I might meet another VC Rocker! If my photo with some Houston girls hadn't been so dark and grainy I might have snuck into a fourth picture. 

This is a fun silly insane VERY HIGH VOLUME OF EMAIL group.  We celebrate Stampin' Up! at a Virtual Convention every summer (we have ladies that go to the real deal play with us too).  There are challenges, charities, classes, swaps, games, contests, raks, a virtual hotel and all kinds of silliness going on constantly.  It isn't for everyone but it might be for you.  I have made some AWESOME friends through this group. You do NOT need to be a demonstrator to join - you just have to love Stampin' Up! 


Open for returning members April 20. 
Opening for new members April 30. 
We will only be accepting new members for ONE (1) month.
This is the 10th anniversary year for this Virtual Celebration group - should be loads of fun!

Link to group if you want to join

Friday, April 16, 2010

Panting with Excitement!

Happy News!

It is April 16 - tax season is over!  And those commercials will stop!   While I'm thrilled about this, it isn't the news I am excited about..

The happy news is that I have a new downline!  One of my blog readers decided to re-up as a Stampin' Up! Demo and she chose ME to sign up under.  Woo Hoo!  Thanks Carol!

Carol asked if I had made Garfield or Odie and of course I was so excited to have her as a new downline, I ran to my desk to try.  Luckily when I summoned the I-Fairy she came quickly, shouting "Dogs Rule" so Odie it is!
Dogs rule?  Maybe it was Dogs drool?
Sometimes the I-Fairy mumbles....

Here is some dog assembly info:
Ears - smaller photo corner (you could just use a strip of paper), small oval
Face - part of 1.25 inch circle
Eyes - 3/4 inch circle cut straight on both sides, outlined
Nose - 1/2 inch circle repunched in 1/2 inch circle
Neck - word window, word window in black trimmed narrower
Body - butterfly punch - repunched with oval
Tail - circle near circle hole to get curve
Tongue - small oval near small oval hole
Legs - pieces of modern label or word window or just strips of paper
Feet - 3/4 inch circle punch trimmed
Drool drops - non SU punch from my stash of old punches

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not everything works out the way you want...

If I am going to reward frequent commenters, I had to get busy on Carrie Nixon's requests.  She needs cosmetics or a cosmetician.

I couldn't figure out how to make a character IDENTIFIABLE as a cosmetician - I mean the white coat thing can be a doctor or dentist too - So I went for a caricature and wound up with a bad Joan Rivers look.  NOT what I was going for. 

Small picture is scary enough - do NOT click on it to make it larger - might give you nightmares.

I decided it was better to move on quickly to the actual cosmetics.

The first one I tried was super easy - Lipstick! 
Word window - trimmed with an oval to get the shape left by your mouth
Metal part - 1 inch circle rounded "in" with the same punch then trimmed straight up the sides
Base - 1.25 circle rounded in with the small oval then trimmed straight up the sides
Lid - 1.25 circle - trimmed straight on the sides (same as base) - used negative piece left from punching as template to draw the inner curve. 

Grabbed some shimmer paint and added some highlights to the case and metal part.

Carrie, I'm gonna stop here and give the cosmetician some more thought - there MUST be an idea floating around somewhere - I just need to wait for it and not force it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Felix the cat, the wonderful wonderful cat

Felix the cat, the wonderful, wonderful cat
Whenever he gets in a fix he reaches into his bag of tricks...

click on photos to see larger

Will someone please explain why I CANNOT remember that third thing I needed from the store but one glance at a picture of Felix and I can sing the theme song that I haven't heard in 40 years? 

My dear Barbara Diane wanted Felix so she gets him!  Frequent comments earn points with the Inspiration Fairy  (some of you are in t-r-o-u-b-l-e)

Trickier than I thought - looks like some pretty simple shapes but had to work a bit to find the right sizes to "fit together" -  Don't worry Barbara Diane, you are worth it!

Head  - 1.75 punched with 1.75 twice and 3/4 inch as shown below -then layer a 1 3/8 circle (see photo below)
Muzzle - 1.25 circle punch near oval hole, I rounded the 'corners' with my scissors
Nose - standard hole punch
Eyes - 3/4 inch circle - repunched by sticking back in about 3/4 of the way - outline in black marker
Body - small oval and 3/4 inch punch
Arms and Legs - word window
Hands - boho blossom trimmed to 4 fingers
Feet - wide heart to heart cut in half
Drew on his mouth and tongue

Here is a photo of the head parts

And here is a photo of bag of tricks stuff

Part of full heart - parts of key tag (retired - you can just use a rectangle and round the corners)
hinge - standard hole punch
handles - like I did here on the sword handle
drew on the x's and dots for bag

When paper isn't fun....

Sadly, no punch project this morning.  The only paper I fooled with last night was tax forms.  I'd like to punch some extra deductions....  Hubby was doing his dad's taxes last night too. Kid still at home hid in her room.

Gonna write Uncle Sam a check today, gripe for awhile, then remember all the good stuff that tax dollars do for people and get over myself. 

Got 3 characters "in work" and finishing them tonight is the kind of "paperwork" that will make me happy.

I'll have something for you tomorrow.

Off now to book club and father-in-law errands.

Have a great one!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Droopy Dog

This one is for Kim Score, who is herself a master of punches - so I'm not sure why she asked me to do this.  But I was flattered, so I tried.
At first, I had no clue who Droopy Dog was but she sent me a link to a picture - I certainly remember watching cartoons with him - I just didn't remember his name.  (Age does that to you - Kim is surely MUCH younger than me)
Want some how to?
Head and Body-  full heart (photo below to show how to trim)
Muzzle/mouth -parts from large oval and small ovals (middle one is vanilla)
Nose - 1/2 inch circle
Eyes - small heart to heart in almost amethyst - snip off 'diamond' shape at bottom - layer over white heart - outline in black to define eyes - draw on blacks of eyes
Legs - wide Heart to Heart inserted in 1/2 inch oval to trim (see New Years baby legs)
Tail - word window next to word window hole
Arm - word window - insert into modern label to punch fingers
Ear - small oval next to small oval hole
Hair - could be trimmed by hand but I used a retired punch Spring Flower Bouquet.

I layered the pieces I needed over the full heart punch so you could see how to trim
Belly was trimmed by sticking it into the 1.75 inch circle
Head was trimmed with scissors
Hope this works for you Kim!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Nerdy Guy

I originally wanted to punch a computer for this Nerdy Guy to have his arm around - but I didn't do it.  So I just photographed him on my laptop keyboard so he'd feel at home.  Give him whatever prop you like - a lunchbox maybe?

Don't you love his belly?  It is a circle on top of the large oval - the secret is to "outline" the shirt but stop outlining the circle when you reach the oval - and have his "pocket" overlap them both.  His head is a circle trimmed.  The rest is all my usual stuff.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Three years ago...

Hee hee hee - I was poking around splitcoaststampers looking for a fox, squirrel or raccoon for someone and realized that I shared my first 'publicly viewed' punch project THREE years ago yesterday.  On April 10, 2007 I shared a punched puppy - wanna see?

I'd do him a little differently now but he was pretty cute!  He was "favorited" a bunch so I guess I didn't do so bad for my first one.

Scrappin the Art again

After sitting out a couple of challenges on Scrap the Art, I'm back using them for inspiration.  This time the painting is Senecio by Paul Klee

I went for the cubism style and the colors plus the large circle from the head.  You can't see it in the photos but I ran the texture wheel over each of the "cubes" to mimic the texture in the painting.  Could have distressed it a bit more now that I see the photo. 

Kid still at home was really tired of me snapping photos of her new hair-do to send to college girl.  I admit I went a bit overboard - if I scrapped them all I would be doing at least two 2 page layouts. And some of them are alot more.....uhm.... VISUAL about how I was pushing her too far because of course, it is so much fun getting on your teens nerves that I just had to keep going.  Naughty, evil mommy.

Thanks Scrap the Art ladies! I always have fun when I give your challenges a whirl.  I would never have picked up the pink color to go with these photos but I really like it. 

Challenges = Stretching out of the comfort zone = Good for me to try!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rocker Chick

This is me playing Guitar Hero...
(just kidding)

Actually, this what you get when I like a non-SU stamp but don't want to buy it since I don't really have a use for it.  Instead of ordering it and letting it sit unused on a shelf, I use it for inspiration for a punch project.

Head - word window
Hair - boho blossom
Neck - my way arrow
Body - small oval trimmed
Arms - ring from large oval around small oval hole
Hands - standard hole punch
Pants - modern label trimmed
Guitar - full heart trimmed, 1/2 inch circle, scrap strip (narrower on one end), throw away parts from spiral punch

Draw on face
Have Eileen add glitter strings and hair 'swoosh'  or if you don't have an Eileen, do it yourself.