Thursday, October 27, 2011

World Series

You didn't really think I'd let the Texas Rangers play in the 2011 World Series without some commemorative Punch Art, did you?

It has been a LONG time since I've punched so this is pretty simple - but hey, I gotta get started again somewhere...

And you could add a wimpy little moustache to represent our darling pitcher Derek Holland.  Way to pitch in the World Series Baby!

Punches needed: 1.75 inch circle, Small Tag, Blossoms Petal

Punch the circle for the ball
Punch the petal - reinsert it into the circle so you can see it and punch OFF just the bumpy ends - cut in half and you have the brim sections of your hat
Punch the small tag punch - either on the edge of the paper, or trim off one side slightly - insert in the circle punch to nip off just a tiny bit on the top of the hat

Outline hat pieces and draw lines on your baseball. Sponge a bit of ink on the edges if you like.


Whatever happens in Game 7, it was an AWESOME season. 

I love me some October Baseball!

Monday, October 17, 2011


Some of you might remember that I have been working on a HUGE Jane Austen scrapbook workshop project.  IT IS DONE!  And it was fun.

I had some of the loveliest ladies EVER in my classes and fortunately they LOVED what I had prepared for them.  I managed to please the newbies and give some tips to the experienced gals. 

I had a few students that hunted me down later in the conference - so I could meet their husbands so the guys would know who they had been talking about.  How sweet is that? 

And I had one hysterical gal that loved my sense of humor and we laughed every time we spotted each other over 5 days. 

And I think I might have inspired some ladies to run out and buy some new tools to add to their collections.  Now doesn't that sound successful to you?  Learning, Laughter and New Toys?

Hubby leaves in 2 weeks for Australia and then I should have plenty of time to start punching again. Soooo.... would the crafter who has borrowed my Inspiration Fairy please help her pack up her magic dust and point her in the direction of North Texas?  Thanks!