Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Out of Practice - makes me blue....

Yep, its really me.

FINALLY posting punch art after ?? years.....

I recently started scrapbooking a little bit which is LOADS of fun.  Toyed with the idea of trying to punch but eh... didn't excite me.  Then I got an email request and thought "oh, why not"

I am soooooooooooooooooooooo out of practice.  It makes me feel a bit blue.  Just like this requested smurf.

He looks a bit like a blue ELMO.  His eyes need to be narrower and his nose smaller but hey, I tried.  You can tweak him a bit - and give him some props to cover any bits you don't like. I'm happy I could figure out how to post this.  

Its been years since I've even looked at a Stampin' Up! catalog so I don't even know what punches are current - I suspect lots of these are retired but maybe you have them deep in your stash...

Here's the how to help:

  • Hat - Full heart - trimmed by sticking in a circle punch
  • Head - 1 1/4 inch circle - trimmed by stick back in the same circle and just taking off a tiny sliver
  • Nose and ear (not shown) the wing from two step bird punch
  • Body - owl - ears and feet trimmed off
  • Pants - owl - feel off - trimmed by sticking in a circle punch
  • Hands - modern label - trimmed with circle (or oval punch)
  • Arms (and legs) - medium oval hole with two slivers punched beside it - toss the oval - keep the slivers
  • NOT SHOWN - brim of hat - large oval around small oval hole - giving you an oval ring - trim a piece of that 
  • NOT SHOWN - eyes - circles - don't do what I did - it looks like Elmo - trim some circles down
  • mouth is drawn on
Edit:  Couldn't stand the Elmo Smurf - did a quick eye change shown on the right smurf below- better - I can live with you copying THIS one.....  (drew on eyebrows too - he needs them)