Sunday, November 28, 2010

Link to South Park Characters

I am soooooooooooooo behind on my blog reading, I may never catch up - but I did sneak in a few minutes of drooling last night.  I found some cute little guys from South Park.  Not a show I watch often but boy, did Clare nail these. Even if you don't need these characters you might get some ideas of ways to punch kids in coats and hats.  Check them out HERE at Crafty Cow Creations.  Very very cute!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ask me now before I again become sane...

"You can't! It's impossible! I'm far too busy, so ask me now before I again become sane." 
--Edna Mode in the Incredibles.

Raise your hand if this quote is applicable to you.

I knew it!  I knew I'd get some of you "volunteer types" to relate.

I'm back working in my scrapbooks and I'll use Edna's quote as I scrap about my over volunteering days. 

Not that I was a fashion designer for superheroes (puh-lease, the seams would come undone before the the first villain showed his face!)  But  "I'll do it" was my theme song for many years - accompanied by a raised hand and an eager grin.  (I assure you, those days are gone) 

Now I offer free seminars where I have ladies stand in front of the mirror and practice saying "No, I can't help you this time".   I have an entire pep talk ready to roll at a moments notice.  I'm pretty sure it has brought a few ladies back from the edge of insanity.

Of course with Edna's quote - we MUST have the darling lady herself...

Just like the fashion designers in movies (and maybe real life, who knows?) Edna is dressed in all black - which might make seeing her "parts" a little difficult.  Sorry.  Hopefully between the picture and the parts list you can figure it out.

Head - ornament - rounded the chin just a little bit with scissors
Hair - wide oval parts and word window for bangs - if part of your oval sticks out above the bangs just trim it off straight
Nose - circle itty bitty punch pack
Eyes - circle itty bitty punch pack trimmed on bottom, marker for black parts
Glasses - 3/4 inch circle around 1/2 inch circle hole - make a spare and use just a tiny snip for the nose bridge
Lips - circle itty bitty punch pact at the end of a modern label HOLE  - I did her lips in perfect plum and used my finger to apply just a little perfect plum ink on her check
Neck - word window
Body - large oval snipped with a circle at neckline
Skirt - word windows  - 1 full size -3 progressively shortened by re-punching
Pink part - narrow heart to heart next to same hole
Arms - word window folded over at elbow
Legs - modern label trimmed from middle bump on an angle (both sides) - folded over at ankle to make feet
Hands - small heart cut in half - then I cut a little notch to distinguish her thumbs

You could emboss black on the black of her dress to make it more "visible".  The Disney character Edna has lots of texture on her sleeves - I left that off since I think her "face" makes the character and the clothes are secondary (plus I'm a bit on the lazy side)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am Thanksgiving

This poem was written by The Richards Group for Thanks-Giving Square in Dallas.  I read it this morning in the Dallas Morning News and felt it was the perfect thing to share with you today.  Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans and Happy Thursday to everyone else.

I am Thanksgiving.

A respite from worries.
A recognition of well-being.
A reflection on what's truly important in life.

I am Thanksgiving.

I am a proud history remembered.
The courage of our founders.
The foresight of our fathers.
The spirit of our families.
I am a reminder that we owe our present to our past.
And I am a commitment to repay that debt with gratitude.

I am Thanksgiving.

I am more than a holiday.
I am a gathering of memories.
A reunion of reasons to celebrate.
I am stories passed around a table.
Extra helpings of contentment.
A feast for the soul.

I am Thanksgiving.

I am perspective.
A moment to take stock.
To look back with genuine appreciation.
And look forward with bountiful optimism.
I am trouble forgotten.
Blessings counted.
Life cherished.
I am freedom celebrated.
I am love shared.
I am thanks given.

I am Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Midway Rides

Is anyone still out there?

THINK I am finally off the berserk Roller Coaster of Emotion I have been riding.

Currently I'm waiting in line for the Ferris Wheel of "Time to Get Over Yourself".

If I'm lucky, I will soon be back on my usual ride - the Monorail of "Pretty Darn Happy". It may not be the wildest most thrilling ride, but I like it best- far away from the drama of the other choices.

While on the roller coaster I thought it was going to stop at the Tunnel of Depression a couple of times - whoa, I got a tiny peek into that and it is one ride I don't want to go on. Just the little bit I saw made my heart a lot more tender for those that walk into that darkness. Maybe that is the lesson I can take away from all this - a lot more empathy for those in a dark place.

Thank you for all the supportive, touching, and sweet emails that you sent. They did touch my heart - the sheer number of them and the honest words that you shared about your own losses and recovery.  I haven't responded to every one of you individually yet but I will try to answer you all.

Now let's set grief and grumbling off to the side and get back to having some fun -'cause that is what the blink blog is about - entertainment.

To clarify:
I cannot/will not do research before I put a few shapes together  (this is not a textbook- it is a silly blog)

I cannot/will not get everything right. (I'm lucky if I get anything right)

I cannot/will not worry that someone may dislike what I share. (that is sure to happen again sometime)

And now I will:
1) Don thicker skin so I can weather negative feedback better
2) Attempt to locate the Inspiration Fairy.  I must have scared her away with my emotional extremes - poor little thing.  I will leave out some chocolate and see if I can lure her back to the punch drawer. 

If the chocolate works and the I Fairy returns, I'll be back after Thanksgiving with something new to share.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I am so sorry to offend

Yesterday's post has been removed because I have been informed that several found it offensive.

My sincere apologies to anyone it offended.  It never crossed my mind that what I thought was a cute punch character would cause someone to be hurt.

I am so sorry.

I am so emotionally fragile right now - I have fallen to pieces because I offended someone. I hope to be back someday but right now I can't handle worrying about offending people if I design an item incorrectly or get a cultural detail incorrect.

I will leave the blog up for you to find past posts but I will not be posting for awhile. Thank you for understanding.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Daddy's Little Girl

Thank you for you kind words of support and love.  Daddy died Tuesday morning.  His struggles are over.

My dad was a suit-wearing banker and he loved to buy me red dresses so....

Thoughts and memories and ideas that spring to mind as Daddy's little girl deals with the loss of his physical presence will be recorded and kept in the pocket on this page.

There may be other men who love their families as much as Dad loved us, but there is not one that loves them more - because that is just not possible. 

The following words are from an article sent by one of his friends to Dad in 1978 with the comment "This sounds like you" and he was so right - it is the way my daddy lived.

One Minute’s Time May Mean Much

It only takes a minute to stop and say a few words to the newcomer you have been passing by with a quick “Hello.” To turn and draw a person who is obviously feeling like an outsider into a chattering group. To make the introduction, that may not be necessary but is a mark of friendliness. To approach public servants as human beings, and not just machines placed there for your convenience. To slow down when you are driving to give a pedestrian a chance to get across the street without scurrying. To write a note to a person who is ill or who has lost a member of the family. To give another person a lift when you have means of transportation and he doesn’t, even though it means going a few blocks out of your way. To send a clipping to someone you know would enjoy seeing it but might have missed it. To turn away a discouraged looking door to door salesman with a kindly refusal rather than a curt “No.” To really listen to what a child is earnestly telling you. To answer a letter from a friend soon after you receive it, instead of putting it off for months. To take the trouble to pass along the good things that you know about others. To build up the person who is feeling low or seems worried or discouraged. To let other finish talking about themselves instead of hurriedly interrupting – so that you can talk about yourself. It only takes a minute to do the kind, the gracious, the friendly things that may mean more than you will ever know.

I love you Daddy.   You live on in my heart.