Monday, November 30, 2009

Santa Series Number 11 - Skinny Santa...

Yes, we are back to the blog... Me and Santa.  But first some personal blather....(or skip it and jump down to the photo)

The Thanksgiving lasagna was grand - all tummys were full - the clean up was a breeze and no one was exhausted from cooking for two days.  For this and much more, I am thankful!

Now we dash off to the next holiday.  The tree is up.  Most of  the decorations are out.  The annual card photo is taken, agreed on and printed.  The 80 something cards I mail each year are in process (ran out of ribbon, had to place an order).

Had a fun time with college girl home.  We saw Blind Side (fabulous).  We watched numerous movies at home.  Some (not enough) homework was done. We went to see our high school football team WIN their 3rd playoff game (45 to 21) so we are moving on to Finals.  It was a fabulous long weekend!

Now, on to why you came here...  I do have another Santa for you.  This is my 100th post on the blog and this is Santa if he lost 100 lbs.   Unrealistic for the typical American Santa, but if you want more of the "Father Christmas" look, this might help you out.

Mustache is 1/2 of a butterfly.  Nose and hat and mustache are popped up on dimensionals. Hat brim was double punched in word window to shorten it.  You should be able to see the rest.  This one is simple enough that you could mass produce them.  The other Santas I have shown you were a little too time consuming to make very many.  I'm working on those 80 cards so easy, mass-production is on my mind this week.

I put him on a tag - fortunately the back side of this paper is very light so the "To: & From:" can just be written there.  Unfortunately the back side has words on it and I ran this through the Big Shot with the Two Tags die upside down. 

Lesson learned and I will just cover it up by layering the tag on something bigger.

I also plan to use him on a scrapbook page.  My plan uses this face - a word window body - lines drawn for very skinny arms and legs and punch his usual boots.  I think it will look fun - I'll show you if/when I get it done.

I just reread this for "proofing" purposes and realized that I have been really chatty lately.  I'll try to keep it down to business for a few days (if I can!)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A blog award...

Hubby is off to the golf course and the girls were up LATE last night watching movies and are still asleep so I am sneaking in a blog post.

I recently discovered someone else had "awarded" my blog.  Blog awards - a fun way to compliment someone's blog and share a link to them with your own readers.  My award came from Penny and in order to accept this award I need to share 5 things I am addicted to and then pass the award on to 5 other lovely blogs.

My Five Addictions:
1) Punch art (anyone surprised?)
2) Reading the newspaper (the paper and ink version)
3) Sudoku and Kendoku
4) Diet Coke from Sonic Drive In
5) One Life to Live (yes, the soap opera - isn't that embarrassing?)

Ha, I got hooked watching a soap opera because I sit with my mother-in-law every Tuesday so my FIL can have a lunch out with his old engineering buddies.  I turned on the TV to watch the noon news and this soap followed it.  Of course the story lines are stupid with lots of bad acting but if I am home during the day- I confess that I turn it on without the "follows the news" excuse.  But just so you don't think I am a complete idiot I want to note that I am crafting while I am watching so it isn't a COMPLETE waste of time.

I have a lot more than 5 bloggers I follow religiously but you probably read many of them already.

Some blogs I read sell things other than Stampin' Up! and I can't link to them and still remain a good little demo.

So, I made note of 5 SU bloggers that I subscribe to and really enjoy - ones that you might not have discovered yet.  Here are the links to their blogs so you can check them out as I pass on the "fabulous blog" award.

Di Gill  here  -  a "down under" blogger, I recently volunteered to start the Texas Chapter of her fan club - LOVE her scrapbooking!
Carolyn Sharkas here - one of my best online buddies - and if you love birds - this is your girl!
Angie Tieman here - 'cause she is in Dallas Texas (my hometown) and has cute stuff!
Sherrie Robinson here -  new blog after moving back to the States from Italy and is married (like me) to a golf nut.
Linda Callahan here - cause she started  her blog about the same time I did and is a retired teacher (I am a "retired" substitute and tutor)

All these girls have really cute ideas on their blogs so go check them out and leave a comment.  Comments are much more exciting than awards!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Time out for Thanksgiving - see you next week!

I've been posting Christmas ideas for awhile now. Our tree and holiday decorations will go up this weekend while college girl is home.  But for just a little while, I want to take time out for Thanksgiving.

I am a blessed woman.  If I start listing the things I have to be thankful for I wouldn't leave this keyboard for a long long time -I'd start with the obvious biggies of family and health and type on for hours as I documented all the precious little things that make up my daily life. 

Today in particular, I'm grateful for a family willing to toss tradition and eat lasagna from Sam's so I don't have to cook and transport a full traditional holiday meal.  And I'm grateful I found the nerve to suggest this instead of trudging through the work- resentful of HAVING to do something just because "I'm supposed to".   And I'm particularly thankful that my "loves to cook" sister-in-law will be back from her beach vacation and ready to roll for Christmas Eve!

I hope all you Americans have an awesome, filling and fun Thanksgiving Day and the rest of you have a good day too, however you are spending it!

I really am taking off from the blog the next few days.  I have posted everyday since I started this in late August (getting close to 100 posts) but I want to totally enjoy family time this week while everyone is home with me.  Now I may get a wild hair and post something but my intention is to focus on the hubby and daughters.

But just so you remember to come back and see me...   I have another Santa idea up my sleeve and I will be posting a tutorial for the Grinch sometime next week.  So many of you begged and pleaded for help, I suspect that will be a big enough bribe to get you reading again after my hiatus.

Thanks to you all for reading my blather!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Santa Series Number10 - Santa on 34th Street

The golfer Santa looked so refined I just had to put him in a suit like the Santa in Miracle on 34th Street.  Doesn't he look dapper?

His nose is smaller than the golfer - I used a standard hole punch on this one.  I dropped the eyebrows and the clothes are made similar to Conan.  (Talk show host Conan NOT Conan the Barbarian)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Santa Series Number 9 - On the Links

When he needs to get away but can't make it to the beach, Santa heads for the golf course to work off some of those Christmas cookies.

This is the third "style" Santa in this series.   Yes, you still have to figure it out on your own (not hard)... but I will tell you where I got the cleats for his golf shoes - the part that you throw away when you use the spiral punch!  Aren't I a clever girl?

I have no photos of hubby as a child with Santa.  I will add photos of hubby on the golf course to this layout because this is the only way I'll ever have photos of him with Santa --- you do what you have to do...

The golf bag was freehand not punched so don't spend your time trying to figure that out.  But the golf clubs come from the word window and brushed silver paper.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Santa Series Number 8 - On Vacation

Even a magical guy like Santa deserves a little rest and relaxation.  He has spent a few days on the beach and gotten a nice tan.

So sunny and bright - he needs shade AND shades!

Some years he vacations in Hawaii.

The snowflake punch in his lei is an OLD one from my stash and the snowflake on his swim trunks is a retired SU stamp but I'm sure you can find something to substitute.

I got my first "blog award" from dear Patti Lee!  Stampers (and punchers) are such wonderful people - I have made several new friends in my short 3 months of blogging.  Thanks Patti for the shout out and the award.  You are a sweetie!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Santa Series Number 7 - Santa and The List

Poor Santa had to sit down and hold his aching head over that naughty list. 

Is it because your name is there? 

Or is Santa scratching his head because he can't figure out why your name is missing?

I leave you to ponder this for yourselves - and yes, my name is on that list.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Santa Series Number 6 - Mrs. Claus

OK not technically a Santa but we know Mrs. Claus plays a huge role in getting Santa ready for his big Christmas Eve gig...

Here she is serving cookies to keep his belly nice and round.  I bet someone out there can use her on a recipe layout this Christmas.  I think before I use her on a project I'll add some holly berries to her hat - it looks a little plain to me.  This is the only day on the blog for Mrs. Claus - I'm not totally crazy about her so if you create a better version please show me!

Here is the original Mrs. Claus I made, different head, slightly different hair, different apron. 

Feel free to mix and match your punch parts.  Remember no tutorials during this series - look close - you can figure it out!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Santa Series Number 5 - Goodnight Santa

Going back to a Santa in his red pajamas (like the rolly poly Santa) but this time it is Goodnight Santa with hands, legs, socks and teddy bear.  Yes, a teddy bear!  The guy's life revolves around toys - don't you think he is entitled to one toy all his own?

You can have him "bald"

Or you can give him a nightcap

Or you can give him a different kind of nightcap.

Can you tell I LOVE the bald head and curly beard Santa?  I will show one more totally different "look" Santa later in this series but this style is my favorite so he gets the most attention (and props).

The hat is the same as the traditional hat I've been showing but a simple switch from the small oval to the word window punch and some green instead of white turns it into the nightcap.  The second "nightcap" is from the stampset Cheers to You.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Santa Series Number 4 - Workshop Santa

Today we are leaving the traditional Santa poses because as you know, Santa's work is not just riding in parades, squeezing down chimneys or delivering gifts using magic keys.  He has to help the elves if all those toys are going to get finished. Here he is... Workshop Santa

Back to showing his balding head and I changed his eyebrows (but you have seen these brows before on the pointy chin clown.)

How about those denim coveralls?  Pretty nifty huh?  That is faux denim.  SO EASY!  Bashful blue cardstock then just rub your night of navy ink pad all over it.  Back and forth.  Up and Down.  I would faux my paper then punch instead of trying to do faux denim on a tiny little punch piece.

You have seen all the basic Santa pieces before.

The paint coming out of the can was free hand.

I had originally given Workshop Santa a saw but I thought it looked a little menacing...

And here he is with no props...

If this isn't "Santa" enough for you - just add back his hat.  Or if you can't use this character as Workshop Santa you might need a farmer or a handy man character someday.  And the faux denim comes in handy a lot!  Have fun with him.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Santa Series Number 3 - Traditional Santa Top and Bottom

This tag is from the exclusive Two Tags die that Stampin' Up! has for the Big Shot.  I took the head from yesterday's hat-less rolly poly Santa and gave him his hat back.  The "to" and "from" go on the back of the tag.  Pretty traditional so I felt I had to do something else...

Here is the bottom end of a traditional Santa...

And the masonry work on this chimney is just about as professional as I would be able to do with real brick.  It is amazing how many mistakes you see on your work when you photograph it - you see things you would never see looking at the real project.  (Maybe I should photograph EVERYTHING before I call it "done") Crystal Effects on the boots so you can see them on the black paper.

I was inspired to make this layout because of Sharon Field's post the other day about Santa's magic key.  She has a great idea about the key winding up as an ornament on the tree and her post reminded me that "Santa has a magic key" was what my parent's told us when we were children and had no chimney.  Thanks Sharon for giving me the key to unlock that memory. I can actually remember the sense of relief I felt when I heard that explanation.

The key is a Sizzix die that I have had for ages but I'm showing the close up hoping you can see the texture on the black paper (try clicking on the photo to see it better) - this one of SU's texture plates - they add just that little extra finishing touch to your cards and layouts.  If you have a Big Shot you need to try some texture plates.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Santa Series Number 2 - Rolly Poly Santa

I used to collect Santa figures but quickly accumulated too many, so I had to limit myself.  I began collecting what I call Bald Headed Santas, although they should probably be called "Hat-less" Santas.  They are much harder to find.

(Now you know how all those critters posted last week got hats  - because several of this week's Santas didn't need them.)

This is one of the simplest Santas I'll be showing you - but how can you have those nice round sweet treat cups and not make a Santa belly with them?  This is Santa at home - no coat, no hat (no legs or feet for that matter!)

This is the only red candy I had on hand - Red M&Ms would be my choice but then if I had red M&Ms in the house, I'd eat them all and I still wouldn't have any for the photo.

You can look back at some of the pointy chin men if you need help figuring out this Santa's face or arms.

REMINDER:  The ornament punch is from the holiday mini catalog - available for a limited time only.  BUY IT SOON!  I have about two dozen posts on this blog using that punch and only ONE is using it as an ornament.  If you are a punch art addict, you need it - you really do!  Call your demo soon and order it!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Santa Series Number 1 - Parade Santa

All the Santa hats on the critters lately have been to warm you up for this series of Santa Characters.

I thought about numbering these as a countdown to my favorite one, but who knows? I may come up with more before we are done, so I started the numbering at one and we'll just have to see how high we can go.

I'm calling this Parade Santa since he has that pageant wave thing going on...

His beard is shortened word windows (reinsert into the punch to get the length you need) - his arms, boots and gloves are all hearts from Heart to Heart punch.  Who knew Santa and the Blog Babes could have the same arms?

You can tilt his head a little bit and he looks like he is really looking down to wave at some kid...

No tutorials during this Santa series.  The recent poll I had on the blog indicated that most of you don't need them and VERY few of you would buy them and since I hate writing them (and was only using the 'selling them' idea as a motivation for me to get them done), I consider this a Win Win situation! (grin)

If you don't "do" Santa at your house for whatever reason, my blog might not be your favorite thing to read this week.  But you might see something in the Santas that you could use for something else, so I hope you will keep coming back.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Filling Critter Requests part 2

First, Kathy Croley recently asked me for a horse but she had to wait a bit since the photo was on the laptop.

This card is from a couple of years ago when I was trying to copy a stamped image I saw.  Sorry, the name of the stampset and its manufacturer have long since disappeared from my brain.  Some of this paper and one of the background stamps are retired but you can still get the horse idea from it.  Designer label punch for the head and the ears are from the star punch.  The tail is freehand.  The feet are part of an oval punch.

No, I'm not going to put a Santa hat on the horse (but only because I don't have it any more.)

Second, Gloria asked me for a punched pig.  I thought I had a card with the tail end of a pig showing like the horse shown above BUT couldn't find it (maybe I just meant to do a pig back then).  Anyway, I whipped out my punches and assembled a new front facing one. 

I used a 2 1/2 inch circle (circle scissor plus) for the body but you can take this pig and make him from just SU circle punches - he will just have to be a bit smaller.  Ears are 5 petal flower - feet are modern label trimmed to two bumps. I think the rest is obvious except maybe the tail.  Just punch a 3/4 circle, toss the circle keep the hole. Punch a 1 inch circle around the hole to get a "ring" - trim your ring to form your curled tail.

You know I just have to do it, don't you?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Filling Critter Requests part 1

Periodically I get requests to create something specific from punches and this one almost stumped me. 

Elizabeth Charland asked me way back before Halloween to try a hummingbird.  First - I don't have hummingbirds around my yard so I don't have much experience watching them.  Second, I just couldn't picture a "cartoon" hummingbird and my stuff is usually pretty silly looking. 

But I did create what I think looks like a serious hummingbird and the 'kid still at home' identified it as such when I grilled her, so I am going to take the chance and show you this bird.  I used the scallop oval on the wings because I thought that looked more like "movement" and the hummingbirds I have seen had those wings going so fast you couldn't see WHAT shape they were.

If I didn't get it right, go ahead and laugh - I will turn the volume down so I can't hear you.  I did this on kiwi kiss (retired) sponged in Basic gray with a beak from a strip of black.  Elizabeth, I hope it works for you.

And just so you can laugh without feeling bad for making fun of me, you can laugh WITH me on this next photo- I kept up the recent Santa hats on critters theme...

I'm typing this on my precious laptop - it is fixed and back home front and center on my desk!  I am a happy blogger today.

Tomorrow there will be two more critter requests filled.  Assuming I can get the second one done.

Friday, November 13, 2009

It's almost Santa Time

Here is a hat trick... (isn't hat trick a soccer or hockey term? - and can I count saying that as my exercise for today?)  Nothing more than a bunch of ovals stacked on top of each other - with a circle on the end. Simple but kinda cute, huh?  Here is a close up...

Just as I substituted this hat for the first 'A' in Santa, you could easily substitute one of the little punched characters (like one of the mice) into one of your titles on a scrapbook page.  It's a simple way to add punch - literally and figuratively.

My Laptop is coming HOME!  WOO HOO!!!  This is my last post from the kitchen computer (I hope)- now I will be able to play my games, catch up on my blog surfing, have access to all my photos, easily edit my photos and do all the fun stuff that I have missed.

On Monday, I will start showing all the Santa characters I've been working on.  This weekend I'm hoping to fulfill some of the requests I've received.  So if you have asked for something, be sure to tune in...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Merry Christmoose


Kelly Mayou emailed me requesting a moose from punches so she would not be tempted to purchase stamps from a company that shall remain nameless.  Well, you know me, I'm always up for a challenge - I may not succeed but I will try.  I think this little guy came out pretty cute even if it does look like his antlers are made from Popsicle sticks.

I went ahead a put him on a standard size card so you could see the size although I think his head is cute without the whole moose body...

And if you ever need a non-holiday moose (maybe for some hunter's birthday) you can always skip the hat.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jolly ol' St. Nick-a-mouse

Last mouse for the week is Jolly ol' St. Nickamouse.  You can put a Santa Hat on just about any critter and make it "christmasy"!

I thought he really should be drinking milk and eating cookies but I suspect that would be too much like the "Give a Mouse a Cookie" book that several of you have already mentioned regarding this mouse.  He got a candy cane instead.

Still no word on my laptop being shipped.  I was on hold for ONE HOUR and never got them to answer the phone due to "high call volume".  Maybe if they shipped the computers people would quit calling?  More than a tad frustrated here.  I am definitely not feeling "jolly" towards the Toshiba Repair Depot.  Anybody in Kentucky want to swing by, pick up my laptop and ship it to me?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Perfect Chemistry

Albert Micestein

I read a great biography on Albert Einstein this past year and I know he was a physicist and did most of his experimenting in his head so a bubbly test tube is NOT the right prop for him.  But using artistic license and considering that this is Micestein not Einstein, I decided to do it anyway.  Test tubes are much easier to make with punches than what Einstein actually did.

And why would you want to make this?
a) just 'cause it is cute
b) as an anniversary card for a friend commenting on the couple's perfect chemistry
c) to scrap about your high schooler's tough course load
d) to use on a scrapbook page for a child that likes to experiment (Mom used to let me stand at the sink and mix stuff, usually baking stuff in a bowl.  I loved the freedom to combine different products while she loved just running the mess down the sink for easy clean up)
e) all of the above

No grading on this test.  But to get an A+ leave a comment on someone's blog today.  Remember, Bloggers love feedback!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The King

I mentioned yesterday that I thought we could dress the mouse up in a lot of ways...  that was not just a comment, it was a warning.  I sat down and did three more mice.

Usually when I have similar things to show you, I like to save the best for last - but not this time.  You are getting my favorite one FIRST because I just can't wait to show you.  Ladies and Gentleman (yes, I have a male reader, Hi Matt!) I give you...           
Elvis Presmouse!

The bling is from my stash.  And doing her best Elvis imitation, my youngest suggested this sentiment ... "Thank you, thank you very much".

And then when I mail this "thank you very much" card I can say "Elvis has left the building" - another frequent family quote.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A very loud "I DO"

When I am blog surfing, I just love coming across stuff that I created and seeing where others have taken it on to something else.

Lynn Pratt took my little mouse, combined him with the Viola set and did this darling mouse.  SO cute!  But I already have the pilgrim mouse done so I won't copy her great Thanksgiving mouse, I'll just admire it and link you up so you can admire it too!

And she also did this bride and groom - with the faces showing.  This made me want to go back and try my hand at a bride and groom.  And here they are...

They are so excited they are shouting their "I Do"!  I left the teeth off on purpose - they may go back on before the mice are "final" and on a project.

The groom isn't that different from the pilgrim - top hat and a bow tie instead of a pilgrim collar but the bride took a little more thought.

I'm hoping that looks like a veil not a halo - but if it looks more like a halo, then you get an angel instead of a bride, right?   Oh - there is another idea - I better go make an angel...  (see how this inspiration thing works? - one thing just leads to another)

Works for a card or a scrapbook page - mine are just leaning up against the paper, don't know what I'm doing with them yet.

I think this mouse will be wearing lots of costumes before we wear him out!  Why don't you go dress one up and share with me?  C'mon you know you want to!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Go Bananas

Years ago for Valentines I gave hubby a stuffed gorilla that said "I go bananas over you" when you squeezed his hand.  You know, one of those drug store Valentine aisle gifts - (What do you give a man for Valentines?)

Anyway, I borrowed that "inspiring" phrase for this layout that will have pictures of hubby on it.  Bananas are leaves from the leaves 2 die, slimmed down a little with handy dandy scissors.

But I'm not going bananas right now - I'm going nuts trying to keep up the blog on this dinosaur computer.  (Hmmmm... maybe I should be working on a squirrel?)

Laptop is repaired (according to the website) and now I just have to wait for them to ship my precious home.  I have a whole series of Christmas ideas coming up - but not until I get the laptop.

I put the little poll in the sidebar to see if y'all would be interested in buying a tutorial for the Christmas series and so far it is looking like "no" - Woohoo! works for me - I hate writing tutorials. 

Friday, November 6, 2009

Back to Pointy Chins - Pilgrim Woman

It has been a little while since I have done a pointy chin person (but there are plenty more coming!) so today I give you Pilgrim Woman - anonymously suggested.

Face - ornament in blush blossom
Nose - 1/2 inch circle in blush blossom
Eyes - large heart Heart to Heart (in white, trimmed), standard hole punch in black (and I forgot her white gel pen highlight in her eye - she just isn't complete, sorry)
Body - ornament in Basic Gray
Skirt - 2 1/2 inch circle (Circle Scissor Plus) in Basic Gray cut off bottom
Apron - 1.75 circle punch re-punched with scallop border, strip of white for waist band
Collar - 1 3/8 circle, cut
Arms - Basic Gray - small oval, toss the oval keep the hole, punch around hole with wide oval
Shoes - Butterfly punch cut in half
Hat - 1 3/8 circle in black.  In white punch part of a 1.75 circle - toss the part - keep the hole.  Punch the wide oval around the hole so you just get the curved strip for her hat front.

Thanksgiving Duo