Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Smarter than the Average Bear...

I don't know about where you are... but around here it is so sunny and pretty and warm this week- even if you are NOT "smarter than the average bear" you will be grabbing yourself a "pic-a-nic" basket and heading somewhere outdoors!

Body - wide oval
Arms - square punch cut in 1/2 on diagonal
Head - 1 3/8 circle trimmed
Ears - part of 1/2 inch circle
muzzle - trimmed oval - but so much trimmed you might as well freehand
nose - tip of oval trimmed
eyes - trimmed heart to heart
hat - tiny piece of butterfly punch, tiny piece of 1 inch or 3/4 inch circle for hat brim
collar - scrap snipped in with star punch
tie - word window punch along the edge of paper to get skinny strips
face - drawn on
Outline all pieces in black (won't look as good if you skip this)

Oh, let's face it - a lot of Yogi is trimming/freehand.  But he is still cute!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thanks dear followers!

Thank you,  Thank you, Thank you Dear Followers!

Do you ever set silly goals for yourself?

Can I vacuum this house in less than 12 minutes? 
Can I make it until noon without an M&M? 
Can I run one more errand before I get in the car pool line?

When this little blog started gaining in readership I set a little goal for myself.  Could I get as many followers as the almighty - my humor idol - Jan Tink? 

Oh, I know I'll never have as many readers, she has a bazillion people with email subscriptions but her "follower" list looked achievable and TA DAH!  Today, I got the 193rd person brave enough to publicly say that they read this stuff - which for TODAY - ties me with the FAMOUS and so wonderful Jan Tink.

I'll be grinning all day long!

Thanks for coming by ladies and thanks for "following" - you make me smile!
And it is 11:03 am and I haven't had an M&M yet...

Haute Holstein

OK, someone asked me for a cow but I can't find the email - maybe it was in a comment.  I'm thinking this isn't exactly what they had in mind but this is what the Inspiration Fairy did.

Well, it was the Inspiration Fairy AND Eileen the glitter guru....

I handed Eileen the cow to get a little shine on the black hoofs and the little spotted beast came back with shiny feet AND fake eyelashes.  So then I had to add the jewelry.  You can "un-glam" her if you need a basic cow.  But I think she is just FAB like this!

sorry for the blur - I guess I need practice with my camera for close-ups

Body - 2.25 x 1.5 rectangle rounded by sticking in large circle punch
Legs - Snowflake trimmed – black marker on hoofs
Tail – ring from large oval around small HOLE – small heart to heart snipped like grass
Head – designer label punched at top with 1 inch circle
Ears - ¾ circle repunched
Nose – small oval
Nostrils – word window re-punched
Mouth – piece of large oval
Eyes – piece of word window cut at slant – word window for white part too (these are pre-lash directions)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Name this Character

I couldn't decide on a name for this little miss - Polly Pencil?  Suzy Student?  Testing Tessa?  What do you think?  Any ideas out there?

This little punch art reminded me of my oldest (college girl now) when she learned to print (but longed to learn cursive). She would fill page after page of paper with her name, address, phone number, and lists of her favorite movies. She would fill pages and the next time would start over with those basic facts and alphabetize the movies again. I'm was never sure what her motivation was (I need to ask her now) but she entertained herself for long stretches of time and developed beautiful handwriting. Of course I kept one but didn't take a picture of her doing this. I'll remake "red" here to a brunette and add some glasses and this will replace the missing photo when I scrap this story.

Since I came to scrapping later in life and since digital photography didn't exist for much of my life (or my children's lives), there are many tales I want to tell but no photographs to match the story.

One great solution is to journal the story and just include another photo of your subject.  For example, you want to tell about Grandma's housekeeping quirks but you certainly don't have a photo of her cleaning.  You just tell the story, and add any picture you have of Grandma. 

My friend Virginia, who is my volunteer assistant when I teach card classes at the local woman's club, just started a 6x6 recipe collection and she has a picture of Granddad on his salad recipe - it is perfect!

What story do you NEED to tell that doesn't have a photo?  Even if you aren't a scrapbooker, think of one and go write it down in a spiral notebook.  Someone will treasure it when you are old and too crazy to remember - and based on my brain lately that could be sooner than you think!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Finer Things in Life

Who doesn't wish for the finer things in life? 

In my opinion, nothing is finer than eating out and being waited on.  (remember me? Ellen = Ms. Hates to Cook)

One of my best buddies, JoAnn, (we go all the way back to high school) thinks WINE is one of the finer things in life.  She has a group of friends in Houston that take turns hosting wine tastings.  They have a theme each time and prizes.  You can win for the best bottle of wine OR for best decoration of the bottle (to fit the theme)  Isn't that a hoot?  They have a ball.

I went to dinner with a few of these friends when I was last in Houston - they were analyzing the flavors in the wine and I guess JoAnn didn't want me to feel left out so after saying she tasted "blah, blah and blah" she asked what I could taste.  Pausing for effect, I just had to quip "I am almost certain that I taste GRAPES in this"  They did smile but I'm not sure they appreciated my humor - yet that was all I had to contribute.  I am more of a beer drinker and have no training in appreciating the subtle flavors in a wine.  But I can sure appreciate that they picked a GREAT bottle with dinner.

I decided to combine these two FINE THINGS for a punch art character.

I know that isn't the correct terminology but I wanted alliteration (another of my quirks)

Did you know SU has ONE color name without alliteration?  Basic Gray - grates on my nerves every time I have to say/type it.  Couldn't they have named it  Gravel Gray? or Basic Blah? It is a good color that I use frequently but it needs to be renamed! 

Back to punch art...
I originally had his legs much longer and his arm stuck way out in front of him - but he didn't fit on a standard card front that way - so I operated on him (no anesthesia - poor fella) making him into the short yet distinguished chap he is today.

Shirt and pants - 1.75 circles
Jacket - wide ovals
Sleeves - word windows
Bow tie - small heart to heart
Legs - oval ring - large oval around small oval hole
Feet - 3/4 inch circle
Head - 1.75 trimmed straight on two sides
Nose - word window (thought about using the Two Step Bird wing but he needed a more refined nose)
Ear - scrap laying on the desk - use anything since his hair covers almost all of it
Hair - scallop oval repunched to make smaller
Eye - standard hole punch, 1/2 small heart to heart - don't forget the highlight with white gel pen - it makes a difference
Hands - modern label repunched with 1/2 inch circle
Tray - word window
Wine bottle - word window trimmed flat, thin strip for bottle neck, piece of word window for label, put crystal effects on bottle
He has a LOT of face showing some I have him pink cheeks with some pastel/chalk

Links to Finer Things
My buddy, Carolyn Sharkas (Dano), has a beautiful flower on her blog this weekend using the Two Step Bird punch.       See?  It can be used for more than just birds or big noses on silly faces!

She got the directions from Ann's Creative Moments - read down a few more posts on Ann's blog to see other beautiful things from the same punch.  This blogger has seriously gorgeous things (not like my cartoonish style)

Check these out!  You will not be disappointed.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chic Chick

No clue what I'm going to use this for but saw a picture online with a chic lady and it screamed "Punch Me" so I did.

Don't you love the pouty lips?

Dress - butterfly punch,wide oval (look at photo to see how to trim them both)
Sleeve - piece of word window
Shoulders - small oval
One Arm - oval ring from large oval around small oval
Other arm -  tip of full heart next to full heart hole
Neck - my way arrow
Head - 1 inch punch
Hair - 1.25 punches (some trimming)
Lips - standard hole punch around tip of modern label hole

Friday, March 26, 2010

I found y'all some help

I found some help for you punch addicts.

No, it isn't a 12 step program.

I found another puncher/blogger that wants a challenge.  Several of you have made requests of me and I have either failed miserably or not gotten around to your project (yet).  So check out this clever puncher and see if she can help you out.  Ryn Scraps

She has done several things I've never tried - and her version of Marvin the Martian is super cute!

Check it out and leave her some comments!

Barbecue Bob

I copied some clip-art for Barbecue Bob here:

If you take off his kerchief and add a collar this could turn into Average Joe at the Grill.  I'm seeing Father's Day cards here....

Barbecue Bob

Hat – Scallop circle trimmed
Head – 1.25 circle trimmed straight
Nose, Ear, hair – word window
Eyes – circle from word window re-punched with word window (like BettyBoop)
Body - 1.75 circle
Arms – square offset from square hole
Mitt – wide heart to heart
Hand – modern label re-punched with word window
BBQ tool – tip of word window, white gel pen, strip of black
Kerchief – narrow heart to heart, tip of butterfly, standard hole punch

Note the pink skin – he has been outside grilling a bit too long

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Glamorous Goat

Nancy Dawson, who has known me for a while from a scrapbooking yahoo group, just found my blog while on a search for a punch art goat.  Well, of course, I had to help a fellow scrapbooker...

This has a 'mountain goat' feel - but I think separating the legs and shortening the horns will make him a 'normal' goat if that is what you need.  But, what do I know?    My goat experience is limited to reading Three Billy Goats Gruff and the local petting zoos and as my baby is driving - both of those experiences were YEARS ago.

You might have noticed that Eileen, glitter guru, glammed the goat.

You can probably see most of it and I feel like I am constantly repeating the same stuff when I give punch lists - so here is just the critical info:

head is half a butterfly, 
all facial hair is from the scallop oval repunched with ovals.
body is 1.75 circle with two cuts - one to flatten his back and a diagonal cut near his neck,
feet are modern label trimmed to just two 'bumps'

Hope that helps you out Nancy.  Come back anytime!

Vroom Vroom

Jenifer (my up-line) needed a birthday card for her motorcycle riding boss but was running short of time, so she sent me a darling cartoon picture which I quickly altered/copied and this is the result...

Yes, yes, yes - I was her favorite down-line that day.
No, no, no - I am not giving you a list of punches - I'm feeling lazy. 

I will point out:
The oval for the eyes is NOT SU - it is from my old stash of punches - but you could certainly use circles
The curved handles are the branch from the Two Step Bird with all but the end leaf cut off.
All the large circles are the 1.25 inch circle. 
You can figure out the rest - you really can!

Here is Jenifer's finished card:

Too Fun!

She wanted me to "sign" the punch art, so those are my initials in the head light - I felt a little stupid doing that but it also felt great that she asked me to.  It was like real ART not just playing with paper scraps.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Famous Purple Dinosaur

Today's punch art is the result of a request from Krista Hood for her niece. 

This brought back many memories since my girls watched the big purple dinosaur over and over and over and over (and over and under and sideways) until I thought I'd NEVER get his songs out of my head.  He originated here in North Texas so we 'discovered' him and watched his videos (constantly) long before he made it onto TV.

I think you will recognize him without me naming any names.

Body - 2 wide ovals one vertical - one horizontal
Belly - large oval
Legs - full heart cut in half
Feet - 1 inch circle
Toes - standard hole punch
Arms - Word window repunched in modern label to get "fingers" - narrowed at wrists with scissors
Head - 1.75 circle trimmed in on both sides at the top
Snout - 1 inch circle repunched with small oval - I used dimensionals to attach this
Mouth - small oval pieces
Eyes - standard hole punch

I am so sorry if you have an annoying tune playing in an endless loop in your brain now.  I purposely didn't mention ANY lyrics or names since I don't want to be responsible for initiating musical pain & suffering - I REALLY hope not to hum songs from "B" all day.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In the wild blue yonder...

Karen Bingham needs an airplane (any kind) for her son.  It had never crossed my mind to punch a plane but........ well, why not?
Here's a parts list:
Main plane sections - wide ovals
Wings - small ovals flat on bottom
Tail - large oval trimmed flat on top and small curve cut in with scissors, piece of a small oval on the tail
Engines - 1/2 circle with lines drawn by hand, 3/4 inch circle
Windows Eyes - pieces of work window
Nose Tip - 1/2 inch circle
Stripe - word window punched on edge of paper to get tiny strip
Eye brows - slot
white piece at top of eyes - word window offset from word window hole

Outline your pieces in black to define your plane sections.  I guess you could leave off the "face" elements if you need a more serious looking plane. 

Disclaimer:  This is a work of google inspired fiction. Any resemblance to an actual airplane is purely a result of luck.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Misheard Lyrics

We have so many family jokes about misheard lyrics.  Hubby is particularly funny with his ridiculous 'hearings' and my girls are notoriously stubborn, insisting that their versions of songs are correct - even when they don't make sense.

But nothing beats the story that goes with today's punch art.  I got a request back in January from Tina Rappe because her daughter misheard the lyrics to a popular Christmas carol.

Tina said, "When my daughter was four (she's nearly 17 now) she would sing songs constantly using her version of the words. One of my favorite songs that she'd dance around the house singing was "Deck the Halls". It was a sweet four year old version of the beloved Christmas carol. The funny part is the words she the song went along instead of singing "Don we now our gay apparel", my daughter would loudly proclaim "Don we call our gay old pharaoh!"

So Ellen, my request to you is....can you make some punch art to depict "Our gay old pharaoh named Don"? I have been thinking for years how much I would love to put this on the front of our Christmas cards with the explanation of where it came from."

Isn't that hysterical?   I'll never be able to hear that Christmas carol without picturing a gay old pharaoh and you may have the same issue after you see this

Don, the Gay Old Pharaoh
(I think Don donned his gay apparel)
If that eyeshadow doesn't make you smile, you need an adjustment to your sense of humor!

I had given him blue eyelids but when Eileen was fulfilling my request for glitter on his neck piece and sandals she glammed him up further.  I told you she has a gift for glitz!

Not sure Tina will want to mass produce this (lots of steps) - but she could make it, take a photo and use THAT on Christmas cards.

I really thought this would be a one time project and that no one but Tina would ever use this.  But within 24 hours Jenifer was doing a museum layout and she used the pharaoh without all the "glam".   So, maybe you can use it today for a good chuckle and again on a layout or card someday in the future.

Here is a picture of part of Jenifer's page using the pharaoh - still shiny but not quite as "out there"

How to make Don:
Face - butterfly
Nose - wing from two step bird
belly - wide oval
legs - small oval
arms - word window, heart to heart
feet - small oval trimmed
sandals - small oval trimmed, thin strips, glitter dots
loin cloth - wide oval trimmed (and trimmed and trimmed until I liked it)
neck piece - 1.75 circle around smaller circle hole
head fabric - wide oval on top - large ovals trimmed on sides
snake - word window shortened - curve from 1 inch circle around 3/4 inch circle hole
eyes - standard hole punch white, 1/2 standard hole punch for eyelids
snake eyes - smallest crop-a-dile hole
hand - modern label trimmed with word window

Don, the gay old pharaoh, donned his gay apparel

Makes you grin, doesn't it?


Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm home!

Hi honey, I'm home!

Oh my gosh - we had the most fantastical amaze-a-lazy time this weekend.  We went to a friend of my up-line's lake house in East Texas for FREE (always a great price) and had so much fun!

Jenifer and Becky scrapped their little hearts out.  Both DOUBLED their goals in number of pages completed and they did some fabulous pages!  And yes, they did follow my "Get a Ton Done" advice and it worked for them.  Whew, I was gonna feel really bad if I had given bad advice. 

Eileen colored images and glittered and did "finishing touches" on our projects (her special talent is adding that perfect touch of glitz).  But most importantly Eileen COOKED.  Oh my gawd did we eat well!!! - we planned on staying in our pj's on Saturday and I was so glad because there was more room with the elastic waist pj's than in my jeans!

Awesome food and we found an awesome radio station out there in the boonies for our background music.  We had PERFECT weather for our departure on Friday morning - rain on Saturday (perfect for staying in and scrapping) - and SNOW on Sunday for our trip home.  Packing up the vehicles in blowing snow was NOT perfect, but the roads were just wet and it was beautiful so I can't even complain about that.

I got so much punching done!  That is right punch fans, I did not scrapbook - I did punch art ALL weekend (when I wasn't playing cards or drinking margaritas) - I have TONS of cute stuff to show you over the next few weeks.

Here is where they worked -

And here is where I worked...

Creativity sometimes requires a mess!

I'll show you a new project tomorrow. It fulfills a request I received and was voted "favorite punch art "of the weekend.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Help Finding Objects and Odd Things

I'm still gone and you are still there in front of the computer screen.  Don't you wish you were off on a girls trip with me?!?!

For today's preplanned post, you get a summary to help you find the "odds and ends" that I (and my guest punchers) have created. 

Remember - just click and magically you will be where you want to go! (Unless you want to be on the girls trip with me - clicking won't help you on that.)

Please let me know if these summaries are helpful to you.  If enough of you say they are, I'll TRY to keep them current.

This post will be kept current as I add new punch objects and odd things.  If you find a bad link please let me know.  Thanks, Ellen.

Anchor and Life Preserver
Baby bottle
Ball and Chain
Baseball with arms and legs
bicycle with basket and flowers
Books (stack)
Car (Lightning McQueen)
Christmas light string
Christmas Tree from word window
Gingerbread Man
M&M green - lady
M&M orange - scared
M&M purple
M&M yellow - pirate with sword
Measuring Spoons
Monster - One Eyed
Mortarboard (graduation hat)
Office chair
Oven (with pie and pan)
Piano (toy)
Potato Head (mr. and mrs.)
Race Car
Santa Hat
School Bus
Sock Monkey (guest puncher)
Soup Bowl
Vegetables with faces (guest puncher)
Wine bottle

I guess those M&M characters could have gone on the "people-ish" list.  But they didn't make the cut.  Poor candies... 

Truly, I am much more comfortable thinking of them as objects not people, (that cannibalism thing, ya know?)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Help Finding People

I will be away on a "girls" trip for a couple of days - no Internet service available, so comment or email and then be patient - I'll get back with you as soon as I can.  I have scheduled a couple of posts for you while I'm gone. 

For today, a summary to help you find people and 'people-ish' characters without wading through the whole blog.

Divided into Male, Female, and Babies.

This post will be kept current as I add new people and human-ish characters. If you find a bad link please let me know. Thanks, Ellen.

Barbecue Bob
Bart Simpson
Baseball Player
Baseball Player (batter)
Basketball Fan (in recliner)
Basketball Player
Biker  (motor bike)
Biker  (bicycle)
Buzz Lightyear
Charlie Brown
Chef - (guest puncher)
Chef - with soup pot
Chef - tiny all from owl punch
Conan O'Brian
Cookie Monster
Cowboy (boy)
Detective - Man of Mystery
Diver Dude
Doctor (in scrubs)
Dwarfs - directions for last 4
Ebenezer Scrooge
Elderly Man
Elf (yep, another one)
Elmer Fudd (hunter)
Father Time
Football Player
Fred Flintstone
Jay Leno
Karate Kid
Knight head only
Mad Scientist
Male Demo
Marvin the Martian
Mechanic (guest puncher)
Mr. Versatile
Operation (from the game)
Partial - barbershop quartet style
Pastor/Priest (guest puncher)
Plumber (rear view)
Pool boy - man in pool
Popeye the Sailor-man
Raggedy Andy head only
Santa - Beach
Santa - Biker
Santa - Buns of Steel
Santa - Checking list
Santa - Golf
Santa - Goodnight
Santa - Parade
Santa - Roly Poly
Santa - Snoozin'
Santa - Skinny
Santa - Texas
Santa - Workshop
Santa - 34th Street
Santa - snoozin' in chair
Seven Dwarfs
Skater Boy
Skater (Ice)
Spy (or detective in trench coat)
Strong Man - lifting weights
Tex Mex Man
Three Stooges
Toga Guy
UPS man
Waiter - covered tray
Winter Boy
Woody (Toy Story) (guest puncher)
Yosemite Sam

60's Chick
Angry blog reader
Bar Babe - back view
Basketball Player
Betty Boop
Bowler 1
Bowler 2
Bowler 3
Bride - back view
Bride of Frankenstein
Butterfly Blog Babes (with tutorial)
Chic Chick - in black dress
Cosmetician (very scary)

Daddly's Little Girl
Dutch Girl
Driving a Car
Edna Mode (from the Incredibles)
Eskimo Kisses (unisex?)
Flamenco Dancer - back view
Gardener - back view
Genie - guest puncher
Girl with pigtails and pencil
Girl with back pack (back view)
Girl- small from owl punch
Girl - playing dress up
Girl - nose in a book
Girl - watering flower
Hippie Chick
Hula Dancer - back view
Inspiration Fairy
Lucille Ball
Me (unfinished)
Mrs. Claus
Nun (guest puncher)
Office Olivia
Olive Oyl
Pregnant Lady
Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland villain)
Raggedy Ann
Robot - Rosie (maid from the Jetsons)
Rocker (with guitar)
Shopper - back view
Tennis Player
Toddler with blanket
Wilma Flintstone
Winter Girl
Witch (attractive)
Witch face
Working Woman
Woman, talking
Women - upper body, rather large chested
Woman, wine and cigarette - back view

Crawling Baby
Stork Delivery Baby
New Years Baby
One Tooth Baby
Bald sitting up Baby
Baby on a blanket

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Out of this World

It is about time to leave this series of characters behind - but not before Marvin the Martian makes his punchy appearance...

Head - 1 3/8 circle
Helmet - 1.75 circle, wide oval piece, circle pieces
Helmet Plume - sections of circle, draw lines
Body - small oval
Skirt - 1 3/8 circle
Arms, Legs, Neck - ring from large oval around small oval hole
Shoes - Full heart
Hands - modern label punched with small oval
Eye - small oval trimmed straight

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

That little devil....

This really wasn't in my plan (like I have a plan!) until Migdalia mentioned it on a comment yesterday.  Girls are sleeping in this morning so I grabbed some desk time and....
I know there are some darling children who will wind up with this on a scrapbook page

The Taz 'lesson' will be in photos.
I added text where I thought you might need explanation.
Click on photos to make them larger.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wascally Wabbit Hunter

Take a series of Looney Tunes characters, add in the mention of duck hunter on the Daffy post and you had to know this would be coming.  I give you....
Elmer Fudd - Hunter of Wascally Wabbits

Here is the how to:
Hat - 1.75 circle, 2 small ovals - one trimmed
Head  - 1.75 circle trimmed on each side, word window for ears and neck, face drawn on
Hunting Jacket - wide oval for body snipped with star for neckline and shorted with wide oval the other direction
1.75 circle piece back collar
wide heart to heart next to wide heart to heart hole for front collar
half of  1 inch circle for jacket bottom
half of .75 inch circle for jacket bottom
Belt - strip of wide oval
arms - wide heart to heart, word window
legs - small ovals trimmed and rounded at ankles by poking into 1/2 circle punch
boots - wide heart to heart
hands - modern label trimmed with 1/2 circle

Rifle: modern label trimmed, word window pieces, standard hole punch, 1/2 inch circle around small heart to heart hole - trim flat (sorry, I forgot to take a photo of rifle in work)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Help Finding Animals

Barbara Diane (faithful reader and commenter) pointed out that I had punched about 50 animals to date. 

I realized it might be hard for you all to find what you need (since I tend to blather with most posts).

Because I love you, I decided to make a little summary.  Click on the critter you are looking for and it will magically take you to that post!

I split the list into Birds and Not Birds (who knew I liked birds this much? - not me - until I saw this list)

This post will be kept current as I add new animals and critters. If you find a bad link please let me know. Thanks, Ellen.

Cardinals (tiny)
Chicken (in pot pie)
Crow in glasses
Daffy Duck
Donald Duck
Duck with Umbrella
Dressed in winter gear
French Hens (3)
Goose (Mother Goose)
Nurse Owl
Owl (scroll to bottom of post)
Penguin dancing
Penquin in top hat
Penguin walking on "icebergs"
Realistic Birds (guest puncher)
Road Runner
Rubber Duck
Spring Chicken (playing baseball)
Stork Head
Trick or Treating
Another Turkey
Tropical Bird

Not Birds
Barney - purple dinosaur
Bear - Yogi
Bear - Pooh
Bunny (Bugs look alike)
Cat face
Cat - holding wine glass
Cat (fat)
Cat (Garfield)
Cat (Felix)
Cat in the Hat
Dog - Holding something in mouth
Dog - Big Face Mutt
Dog - Dachshund
Dog - Dachshund on a bun
Dog - Droopy
Dog - Hound Dog crying all the time
Dog - Lhasa Apso puppy
Dog - Max (from Grinch)
Dog - Odie
Dog - puppy - first punch project
Dog - Scooby Doo
Dog - Simple puppy
Dog - Snoopy
Dog - Another Snoopy
Dog - Schanauzer/Terrier
Dog - (swap eating)
Dog - With glasses
Dog - Underdog
Dog - Bull dog
Donkey - Eeyore
Frog - Fat
Ground Hog
Another Ground Hog
Mice - Albert Micestein
Mice - Bride and Groom
Mice - Cooking (stirring)
Mice - Elvis
Mice - Pilgrim
Mice - Santa
Mice - Skiing (mouse tutorial here)
Owl as Chef
Panther (Pink Panther)
Pig (in a dress)
Pig (Piglet)
Polar Bear
Polar Bear holding gift
Polar Bear relaxing
Rabbit (from Pooh)
Rabbit - Wiry White Hare
Reindeer on skates
Another Reindeer
Squirrel (kinda)
Tigger and Tigger
Another Turtle

Another Duck

You probably guessed this would happen today.  When you do one famous duck, how can you not do the other?  We want to keep this fair, right?

Donald has loads of  'poses' to choose from, and I almost did an "angry" duck because it was funny but I thought you'd be more likely to use him if he was in a happy mood:

Here is the 'in process' photo:

One eye is small ovals and 1/2 width word window
The other is large ovals and word window
For the hat - trim your wide oval into a "bean" shape (well, that is what it looks like to me - a blue bean)
I think you can see the rest.

And here is a comparison of outlining your pieces with a black marker versus leaving them plain

I did not outline the beak because I didn't want to draw attention to the "seams" of the punch pieces.
And I didn't outline the entire way around the smaller white eye oval
(Actually I did and then rejected it and had to make another)

Sunday, March 14, 2010


OK, he isn't as tiny and cute as Tweety but while I was on a Looney Tunes theme...

I have no clue how you would use him - maybe if you know a duck hunter?
I took several photos to show the "how to"
two large ovals in black
two large ovals in white
two piece of black oval (see photo)
adhere the black "pieces" over the whites
top of head - wide oval
add while lines at top of eyelids with gel pen (see final duck photo)
trim 1/2 circles to small oval shape (they aren't trimmed yet in the above photo)


  • start with 2 3/4 square

  • cut in half diagonally
  • round bottom corners by sticking as far as it will go into the hole of the 1/2 inch circle
  • snip twice with small oval at top
  • cut by hand on the bottom to give slight curve
  • outline edges in black,add curved line and two nostrils

Bottom of beak  - full heart  
Inside of beak - full heart (trimmed straight on each side)
Side of beak - large ovals
Neck - modern label
Top feathers (see finished photo) curves from punching oval close to oval hole (3X)

In Assembly:
And again - the finished Duck
Isn't he just "desthpicable"?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Tawt I Taw a Tweety Pie!

So punch fans, this is one I have wanted to make for a long time - I am surprised it has not been requested.  And this is as close to an Easter chick as I'm coming. 
I decided the correct label for my malady is not Springtime Scrooge.  I'm ready for spring weather (and Spring Break!)  I'm just not "hopping down the bunny trail" this year, so using the correct terminology - my title would be: Ellen, Easter Ebeneezer.

Here is the 'how to' photo and punch info for this little tweety pie:
Head - 1.75 circle
Body & Tail - large oval trimmed as shown in photo - save trimmed out part as tail
Arms - oval ring from large oval punched around small oval hole
Cheeks - small oval snipped in a little (snip isn't shown in the above photo - look at the card)
Beak - tip of small oval
White of eye - word window
blue of eye - part of small heart to heart - see photo for part to cut off
feet - full heart - trim out "pie" shape as shown in photo

Go around the edges of each piece with a black marker.  Draw on eye blacks, eyelashes, eyebrows and toe line.

Spring Break is upon us here in North Texas, so this coming week my posts may be spotty - College girl will be home at least part of the week and hubby gets home from Paris today so I may not have much desk time.

Doesn't it look like Tweety is hiding something behind his back?  Whistling nonchalantly, hoping you won't notice?

Yes, I had to spell check nonchalantly.  I'm pretty sure that is the first time I have ever typed that word.

I'll post when I can.  Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ellenized Easter Bunny

Everywhere you look you see Easter stuff.  Baskets and chicks and bunnies and lambs - Spring is in the Air - blah blah blah... 

I must be the Springtime Scrooge because I'm just not feeling it.  I guess when your kids grow up the bunny stuff loses its fun.

Besides not being into the Easter Bunny thing this year - I am also NOT into pastel colors.  I rarely do purple and if I do pink it is probably with brown or black.  Except for baby themes, I don't craft with pastel colors. I don't wear them.  I don't decorate my house with them.  Not my thing.

But in honor of Easter, I did make a bunny for you - please consider this an Ellenized Easter Bunny because it is the only bunny I'm "into" right now.

The base of his head is an approx 3 inch circle trimmed by hand.    I snipped some "fur" or "hair" at the top with scissors. (see photo below)
Ears - large ovals
Pink of ears - full heart trimmed
Eyes - small ovals (gray and white), word window
Cheeks - wide ovals
Chin - 1 inch circle
Mouth - 1/2 wide oval - trimmed to narrow on each side
teeth - scrap rectangle
above teeth - curly label hole punched with 3/4 inch circle (see yesterdays lips for photo)
Nose - tip of small oval

Drew two back lines above his nose and one line on his teeth.

You can get almost the same base from punches - see the photo below. Most of the "seams" and all the of the "missing parts" will be covered by other punches.

I was showing Kiddo this project and she made an addition.  (I think she loves the bunny!)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Accident

I was worried about you.

I was worried that you might be suffering without your daily punch fix.

I decided to give you a tiny punch idea to hold you thru the layout share until punching returns tomorrow.

You would have to suffer without this if I hadn't had a happy accident this morning. 

Happy accident doesn't mean I crashed into a car full of clowns,  it means I spied a shape amongst my punch droppings (sounds disgusting, huh?)

I was punching away - struggling, trying every combination of odd things to create a piece of a character when I stumbled on a shape I think you will like.


I know we have passed Valentines, but you can always leave a love note for your kids or sweet thing can't you?

Problem:  If you don't LOVE punches you might not have the curly label punch.  But if you don't love punches, why would you keep reading this blog? - so never-mind, I'm sure you can all make these lips today.

I used the HOLE from the curly label then punched a 1 inch circle around the hole.  1.25 circle looks good too - you get a little wider mouth.  You can get fuller lips by pushing your punch 'in' further.

Easy!  And you never know when you might need to leave a little kiss.

Now go make something cute with lips on it - and come back tomorrow for a new punch project.

Scrap the Art - Scrapping Usher

I am loving Scrapping the Art's challenges.  For one, they are fun.  Two, they are challenging to me.  And three, I am giving myself a tiny bit of art education when I research the featured piece.

The current challenge inspiration at Scrap the Art is Daybreak by Joan Miro - a Spanish artist. I suspect most of the entries will be inspired by the colors - how could they not be?  I followed the links to the first few entries - They are WOW cards! Wow Wow Wow. 

I will, however, stick to trying to use the art to inspire my scrapbooking.  (Sorry punch fans - but you can't have copied EVERYTHING I've shown you - you can live without a punch project today.)

Here's what I came up with:

The yellow in the inspiration piece made me immediately think of this photo from the stage of the NBA All Star game last month. The burst of light around Usher as he takes the stage is even a little reminiscent of the star-burst in the art piece. I also used the colors, the thin black lines, a diagonal feature and the black dots. I decided there was enough red in the photos and that red paper would be distracting from the story I was telling so I didn't add any.

Don't get all jealous - these photos look like we had FANTABULOUS seats - and while our seats were good they weren't on the floor.  These photos are courtesy of Jerry Jone's SIXTY YARD WIDE BIG SCREEN in his fantabulous new football stadium.  I mean that baby is HUGE. 
(Fantabulous = fantastic plus fabulous)

The journaling is in black on the blue paper - hard to read in the photo so here it is if you're interested:

The NBA All-Star game was in town this year – on Valentine’s Day. Randy and Scott decided it was the place to be, so they made it a ‘couples’ evening instead of inviting some of the guys to go with them to the game.

While neither Jan nor I would have picked a basketball game as our Valentine’s entertainment, we had a REALLY fun time- dinner at Mariano’s, of course, and then the game.

All I knew going in were the names of a few of the players that no doubt would be there – and which Mavericks had made the All Star team. No clue about anything else that would go on.

I was thrilled when Usher was the opening entertainment. While I am too old and uptight to “approve” of some of his song lyrics, I am not DEAD. This guy is young and Hot and talented and Hot and energetic and Hot.

And did I mention…? HOT!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have lost track of all the emails requesting a punched wrestler.  I know there have been at least four and I didn't offer these ladies much hope - I really didn't expect to ever figure this one out.

I understand the need for wrestling items. College girl went to her high school homecoming with a wrestler during her Senior year - and down here, in the 'Land of Football', homecoming mums for the girls are the size of basketballs and are approximately the same weight as a large dictionary - personalized with names of the couple and their activities.  The boys wear normal size mums on garters on their arms but they still have to have lots of ribbons and 'stuff' dangling down.

I had to create a mum for this kid (a wrestler) and searched high and low for wrestling items to put on it. Wound up focusing on his other interests because marketers have not yet realized the needs of those who love high school wrestlers.

This probably won't help you with your football floral needs, but might help you with scrapbooks and cards...

These parts are almost the same as Spider-man:
Body - full heart with wide oval at shoulders
Arms - large oval, small ovals
Hands - modern label shortened by small oval - slot thumbs
Legs - large oval, small oval
Boot - Full heart trimmed (heck, I cut so much you might as well just free hand them)

Changes to make him a wrestler:
I switched the upper arms to small ovals (high school - not quite as MANLY yet)
made the boots shorter
gave him a shirt - wide oval punched with small oval for neck and arm holes
gave him shorts  - large oval trimmed over the flesh colored large oval
gave him  - two slot thumbs with fist position (no need for spider webs coming out)
gave him - Stefen Brock (male demo) head
(Stefan didn't know what he started when he sent me that photo and request)

If you aren't a regular reader - the Stefen head is the ornament punch, scallop oval trimmed with star point for hair,word window ears, slot eyebrows, standard hole punch eyes, 1/2 circle trimmed nose, word window neck

You can add wrestling headgear if you want accuracy - but I decided he looks better without it.