Monday, July 25, 2011

Hang on...

The two trips are done, I have taught 2 of the 3 on line classes and the pile of pages prepped for Jane Austen has grown significantly, but the moving humans around part is just starting... and that of course means more trips.  Geez, how did my life get so busy?

Just letting you know that I am fine but little time to create and no time to punch.  Hang on... I shall return (just don't know when)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Swallow your patience pill...

Be patient with me for a little bit - I had a roll of posts going but that has come to a screeching halt.

I'm knee deep in Jane Austen.  Remember the big workshop I designed scrap pages for?  Well, now I'm doing assembly of the kits.  And completing 2 more Jane Austen tasks that I was "volunteered" for...

Plus I have to prep for 3 online classes for VC Rocks.

I have 2 fun weekend trips with girl friends this month.

I have one kid moving to an apartment and the other moving into a dorm during the first 2 weeks of August.

Can you say BUSY?

I'll post when I can.  Keep punchin'!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Anita and a Mouse

Anita is at it again - punching her heart out - and doing an AMAZING job.  This one will be really popular...


She didn't leave any directions on the post.  And I can't immediately tell what she used for her cheeks but if directions don't magically appear on Lucia's blog, I'll try it for you.  All you gals that vacation at the Disney Theme Parks will want her, I'm sure!  Make sure you check this out and leave a sweet comment!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cup of Tea

Welcome to my little portion of the VC Rocks Blog Hop.  Our theme this weekend is "Anything but a Card". 

No problem for me, since I so RARELY show a card. 

What I came up with (just for you) is a punch art bookmark.  Which is shown here in a good book I just finished, Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier.


Here is the WHOLE thing

Instead of Fiction is my cup of tea, it could have been Mysteries are my cup of tea, Romance is my cup of tea, Cooking is my cup of tea... well, you get the idea - fit the bookmark to your own needs - or make it "match" a specific book. (Gift Idea!)

So how did I make the teapot?

Start with the feather duster looking petal from Blossom Petal Builder Punch.  Trim as shown in photo.  Keep the "lumpy" bottom piece and the middle piece - toss the tiny tip.

The lumpy bottom piece becomes the "lid" of the pot - just add a small circle.
Handle is 3/4 inch circle around the 1/2 inch circle hole
Spout is the left side "part" of the small petal on the Blossom Petal Builder (see photo below)

I stamped on some little flowers, sponged all the edges and put it all together with mini glue dots.

The bonus idea today is to punch the "feather duster" in silver, trim the "lumpy" bottom off as I did for the teapot, leave the tip alone and you have a Hershey "kiss" shape. 

Easy, huh?  And it is easy to see more "non card" projects - just click the buttons below to continue on the VC Blog Hop. 

Home base is HERE if you get lost along the way (official hop start time is 9 AM Central)

Click the button on the left to hop backwards to see what Carey Rogers has for you or Click the button on the right to hop over to see what Karen Gibson created.  Happy Hopping!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Random Woman

Sometimes you have some smart or snarky sentiment but no image to coordinate.  This is the type project/card that I like to use a "random woman" on.  So here is a random woman punch art

The hair was inspired by some of the "dos" from the 60s as I was watching DARK SHADOWS on Netflix.  Hysterical - the special effects are atrocious, the phones are rotary dial and you get an AWESOME idea of the 60s fashions.  Unfortunately, I've finished all the instant watch so I'll have to wait for them to mail the discs if I want to find out what happens to Barnabas Collins and the rest of the Collins family (imagine spooky music here) 

Here is the punch list if you need to make Miss Random:

Neck and Chest - feather duster looking petal from Blossom Petal Builder
Eyes - leaf from Blossom Petal Builder (trimmed a bit on one end - stack them and cut both at the same time for matching eyeballs) and 1/2 inch circle and black pen
Dress - Full Heart
Face - Ornament
Lips - circle from itty bitty punch pack at end of modern label hole
Hair - large oval and large ovals near large oval holes
Necklace - standard hole punch (anyone else think of Wilma Flintstone when you saw this jewelry?)

And here are some other random women I've made, in case you need 'em or missed 'em.
Sample A
Sample B
Sample C
Sample D

Thursday, July 7, 2011

In Color Clown

This started out as a color challenge but I got distracted and missed the deadline, so now it is just another piece of punch art for the pile.  Maybe you can use the idea.

Nothing wildly different about this guy - the hands are part of the butterfly punch - repunched with a largish circle - the pants are the breast from the owl punch - and the rest is pretty obvious.

Here it the link to another clown I did back in the early days of the blog that I think I like better - Click Here.  Maybe you can mix parts of the 2 clowns and add a dash of your own creativity for a new and improved version.

I'm not "clowning around" when I say THANK YOU DEAR READERS!!  Yesterday the blink blog passed a million page views.  Yes, I said 1,000,000 page views in less than 2 years.  I sincerely appreciate your support, your inspiration, your comments, and most of all your hanging with me through my emotional upheavals and scrapbook phases.  Love y'all!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blossom Petal Builder Werewolf

I know this is a little weird for a July post...

but it is what sprung from more blossom petal builder playtime - I'm betting NO ONE else has made a werewolf with this punch (possibly from ANY punch).

Take 2 of the feather duster looking parts and two of the leaves for his ears, add a RETIRED AND LOVED small oval, small heart eyes, scrap teeth and a few pen marks and you are done.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Check this out!

Isn't that fun?

Didn't spy any directions but my daughter and her 2 'besties' are planning their first ROAD TRIP this month so I'm going to be trying this.  I'll let you know how my teen-ed up version comes out.

D is for Drum

Yet another "why did I make this?" project - but I was playing with the new pennant punch which has a scallop and plain version and this popped into my mind.

Yes, the top of the drum is the retired small oval layered on the large oval.  Not sure I'll ever forgive SU for retiring this punch.  I could resign in protest but ummmm, that would hurt ME, NOT the company, so I'll just keep buying product and whining about my loss periodically.

Bottom of drum is word window
Base is rectangle
alternated pennant punch - trimming to fit rectangle

Easy - and you can make it for your local garage band drummer - or maybe a Little Drummer Boy Christmas card...???  Mine will wind up in the box of unused punchart - pretty big box and pretty full -not really a waste however, since it takes so little cardstock and keeps you gals entertained for a few seconds. 

I think alternating the pennant punch (as on the drum) would make a great quick border on a scrapbook page.  You could space them like the drum or use more than one color and push them all together.   But I'm not going to try that today - I "owe" you gals a few more punch art days before I make you look as scrap pages again.

Monday, July 4, 2011

E is for Elephant

I am almost "giddy" when I can create a character using just ONE punch.  Man of Mystery from the Owl Punch was one of my most genius moments.
For today you get an elephant made entirely from the small tag punch (easily made from large tag punch too)

Here is the how to:

punch just a bit of the tag on the edge of your paper

 Punch one tag over the "hole" and 3 additional tags
 Trim 2 of the tags diagonally from the bottom corners to form the ears
Reinsert the remaining tag into the punch (twice) to remove the sections shown below (you can put your punch piece on a post it note to give you more to hold as you reinsert the punch piece) 
 sponge - draw on your eyes and nose "wrinkles" and you have an elephant

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pennant Hive

Yesterday, we had petals from the NEW pennant punch - today the same punch in the same color becomes a bee hive

Just trimmed the bottom the tiniest bit with scissors
Rounded the top (stuck it in the hole of the 1/2 inch circle, I think)
Draw on a few lines, sponge some ink , add a heart door

Bee is 1/2 smallest heart to heart with vellum heart wings (from owl punch)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Simple Pennant Petals

Simple little project - Used the postage punch for the flower center and the NEW pennant punch as the petals.  Leaves are the wide oval, folded in half and run through the crimper on the diagonal.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Tennis Power

Surprise!  Third post in a row...

I don't play tennis (I don't play sports - I think I'm "allergic" to exercise) but if I did, I would not want this character hitting a ball in my direction - this gal has some muscles!

Head - Owl punch (minus feet and ears)
Hair - NEW postage punch - as is, turned on the diagonal
Strip of something (I already forgot) for headband
Usual, usual usual  blah blah blah - legs are modern label with a line drawn to separate them. Lips are the tiny heart from the owl punch.