Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ask me now before I again become sane...

"You can't! It's impossible! I'm far too busy, so ask me now before I again become sane." 
--Edna Mode in the Incredibles.

Raise your hand if this quote is applicable to you.

I knew it!  I knew I'd get some of you "volunteer types" to relate.

I'm back working in my scrapbooks and I'll use Edna's quote as I scrap about my over volunteering days. 

Not that I was a fashion designer for superheroes (puh-lease, the seams would come undone before the the first villain showed his face!)  But  "I'll do it" was my theme song for many years - accompanied by a raised hand and an eager grin.  (I assure you, those days are gone) 

Now I offer free seminars where I have ladies stand in front of the mirror and practice saying "No, I can't help you this time".   I have an entire pep talk ready to roll at a moments notice.  I'm pretty sure it has brought a few ladies back from the edge of insanity.

Of course with Edna's quote - we MUST have the darling lady herself...

Just like the fashion designers in movies (and maybe real life, who knows?) Edna is dressed in all black - which might make seeing her "parts" a little difficult.  Sorry.  Hopefully between the picture and the parts list you can figure it out.

Head - ornament - rounded the chin just a little bit with scissors
Hair - wide oval parts and word window for bangs - if part of your oval sticks out above the bangs just trim it off straight
Nose - circle itty bitty punch pack
Eyes - circle itty bitty punch pack trimmed on bottom, marker for black parts
Glasses - 3/4 inch circle around 1/2 inch circle hole - make a spare and use just a tiny snip for the nose bridge
Lips - circle itty bitty punch pact at the end of a modern label HOLE  - I did her lips in perfect plum and used my finger to apply just a little perfect plum ink on her check
Neck - word window
Body - large oval snipped with a circle at neckline
Skirt - word windows  - 1 full size -3 progressively shortened by re-punching
Pink part - narrow heart to heart next to same hole
Arms - word window folded over at elbow
Legs - modern label trimmed from middle bump on an angle (both sides) - folded over at ankle to make feet
Hands - small heart cut in half - then I cut a little notch to distinguish her thumbs

You could emboss black on the black of her dress to make it more "visible".  The Disney character Edna has lots of texture on her sleeves - I left that off since I think her "face" makes the character and the clothes are secondary (plus I'm a bit on the lazy side)


Kristi said...

I LOVE Edna! Great job figuring her all out!

Kristine said...

Oh wow--this is great. You did an amazing job at capturing Edna. Must buy ore punches so I can make her too! And welcome back!

Sandra said...

oh my! Soooo cute! You are amazing!

Christine Peterson said...

I love the expression on Edna's face. She is fabulous!

Susie McCormick said...

I don't know who this character is but she is great and I am soooooooo glad you are back!!!!!!

CORSAI57 said...

I love Edna that was my Mom's name and she could do anything. Sew, knit, cook etc. I love her expression that you created it is priceless. Welcome back!

stamping sue said...

good to see you back. so sorry you had bad comments. i enjoy seeing all your punch art. stamping sue

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Great Edna, and as you know, I have that same affliction. Do you have a 12 step program that I can subscribe to?

So glad you are working in your scrapbooks again, I really enjoy seeing your pages.


zuziqu said...

I love her!!!!! It is so good to have you back, Ellen. I can certainly relate to her quote, too!


Pansy said...

Ellen, how cool a figure is that! I love her.......and when is your next seminar as I need need need to enroll as even with empty nest I still find myself volunteering for "things" I end up not enjoying at all............LOL!

Whimcees said...


I am so happy to see you back creating! I love Edna!

Wishing you a great day today!


Barbara Diane

Patty said...

I"m so glad you are back. I stop by every day for a laugh and I have missed you!

And kudos on Edna....she's "incredible"!!

Sherri Thacker said...

Its great to see you back!! I love "Edna". She is great!!!

Linda Tarolli said...

I don't know Edna from Adam (she's cute, though), but I do "know" you. I happened on a link from someone else's blog this morning and stopped to check on you. I am so glad you are back, Ellen! Your work is terrific.

Carolyn Gibbs said...

This is AWESOME! I love 'EDNA MODE' <-in echo-y voice used to ID her to the security thingy... You've done a stirling job, Ms Ellen! Hmmmmm... Wonder about the rest of The Incredibles...

Deb B (Debadoo) said...

She's adorable!! And good for you, for learning how to say NO, and teaching it to others. I used to a volunteer vicky also. Well, gee, someone had to do it didn't they? Why was I the only one who saw this?? Now I tell folks.... It's ok to say NO, and it's NOT pronounced....nnookay. (like no then ends up being okay) Sure wish you had a way to subscribe by email to your blog. I love everything you do.