Monday, January 25, 2010

Blog Poll Results and Punch Tip

Blog Poll Results - I usually just look at the polls, chuckle and go on my merry way without discussing them but I just gotta talk about this one.

Somebody wants me to blather less.  Dear 'whoever voted that way', that option was a joke.  Please don't be upset, but no way will I stop yammering - so just skip the typing, look at the photo and move to the next blog.  OK?  Just because I type it doesn't mean you have to read it. (grin)    FYI - No picture this post so quit reading now.

Not many of you want to see more scrapbooking - I understand.  It is kinda hard to get ideas you can really use from someone's vacation photos but scrapbooking is going to be part of my personal focus this spring so you'll probably see some of it here - I just wanted to know if that was gonna disappoint y'all.  And it is.  Sorry.

Speaking of disappointment...what the heck is wrong with y'all?  Why don't ALL of you want to see George C. pictures?  Are you too young to appreciate such a good lookin' man?  Well, if most of you don't want them, I guess I'll not post any.

Seriously (if you think I can be serious)....
I was really just wanting to see how many of you REALLY needed tutorials and how many of you REALLY want to see finished projects and how many of you REALLY just want to see some punch art in any form I feel like punching.

I appreciate the votes in the poll because I know you all spent HOURS considering all the issues before you cast your ballots.  Right?

I also did the poll to make Carrie Nixon happy.  She like polls and I like comments - so she leaves comments all the time and I give her polls when I can think them up.

I have never been a believer in the tips to freeze a punch if it is sticking or to punch through foil to sharpen your punches.  Tried it - didn't see any results. 

After making my Christmas cards with all those snowflakes, my dear snowflake punch was sluggish. 

Then I made Cupid with his little arrows from that punch - whoa, I had to REALLY work at that. 

Then I wanted to make 10 of him for a swap and than meant 40 arrows. 

Poor old punch would not cooperate.

I tried the freezer overnight - nope, no help

Since I only needed the "edges" of the snowflake to make the arrows, I punched 1 inch circles and stuck them in to get the pieces I needed.  I got my swap DONE.

But I still wanted my snowflake punch to work for the future.

Think think think....... nothing

Then I was reading Hints from Heloise in the newspaper and someone talked about how sharp her scissors seemed after cutting heavy duty foil.

Well....... maybe?   I do have heavy duty foil  --- and when I tried before I probably used regular foil.

Punch the shiny silver stuff.  punch cardstock - nada
punch foil again. try cardstock -  nada  
punch punch punch punch punch punch foil, try cardstock HEY, I think it is working better..... punch punch punch punch punch   yes, it IS getting better

punch punch punch punch punch, try cardstock again and YES!  I HAVE A PERFECT RED CARDSTOCK SNOWFLAKE!


So here you go - personal testimony that punching (over and over and over and over ) through heavy duty foil may save a sluggish punch.  I am a believer!


CarrieNixon said...

OMG! I am famous! My name appeared on Ellen Kemper's brilliant blog! Teehee, you know I can't stop smiling. :)

I do love the polls! Who doesn't like giving their "2 cents worth"?!?! :)

And the person who doesn't appreciate your blathering.... jealous.

CarrieNixon said...

Oh, and I heard cutting wax paper can loosen up a punch.... haven't tried it though...?

Juliet A said...

I use foil to sharpen my paper cutter, too.

leslie said...

Heavy Duty foil vs regular thin foil? I can do that! Thanks for the tip!

Ruby said...

tku, will try that tip since regular foil didn't do much. I look forward to your daily blog, don't stop. I remember reading wax paper lubricates the punch and foil sharpens it or something like that.

Anonymous said...

keep punching the foil...great to go give it a try...


Stef H said...

you are a riot! and even tho' i'm a newbie to your site - and yes i did vote - i like EVERYTHING you do. and yu can blather all you want!

hugs :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

If you CAREFULLY use a metal soda can, it works really well too!

Sorry someone left a vote about "blathering". Some people are just rude like that. I just say bless their hearts and think about poking their eye out. That's how I roll.

Veronica said...

I enjoy your posts about scrapbooking (even/especially the ones when you are on your soapbox!) and look forward to more in the coming months. And I would welcome photos (no punch art, please) of George C. ;)

stampin along the way said...

Keep on talkin' or typing! I will look! Love your site. Wouldn't be the the same with out all you put into it. I too am interested in scrapbooking posts as I just picked up 8 new customers that are hard core scrapbookers. So this is putting me to the test! and I am happy to do so. Keep up the great blog Ellen!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

OK, so glad you mentioned the swap, cuz it had completely left my feeble mind. CRAP!!! I better get on those little buggers. No earthly idea what I am doing.

Glad you are gonna keep on doing what you are doing. I love all of it, your scrapbooking, your punched art and especially your blathering.


Oh, and to the lady who didn't like it she is probably just jealous, lol.

Carey said...

OK, first of all it wasn't me that left that comment. Any chance she thought you meant lathering instead of blathering thinking you were going to show pictures of you washing your hair? Or perhaps she thinks you meant gathering as in gathering a bunch of punches and having pics of you gathering these punches. Or perhaps (I could go on but I won't). Nah, I think she (or he) was just being a booger. BTW I have to agree with you about the George thing. You can, of course, put it on for those of us that are old enough to think how gorgeous he is. Love ya girl and look forward to reading more about gathering and lathering and blathering. BTW famous Carrie you do realize you spell your name wrong?

From other (and right way) to spell it Carey
aka Roscoe's mommy

Ok I know I am doing some kind of athering but I just worked nights and had a very rough one at work.

CarrieNixon said...

It's spelled wrong, but it's how my mom "teached" me. :)

Deb Broadway said...

You don't blather, you you just keep expressing and I will keep reading and enjoying all your wonderful projects.

Thank you...

I have used the foil and also the same with several punches through waxed paper when the punch is sluggish but still sharp...esp the scollop circle.

Nancy Powell said...

Just recently found your fabulous blog. I have been telling everyone about it. Can't wait each day to see what you have created. Nancy

Carrie Rhoades said...

Yes, the wax paper works great, I layer copy paper and then wax paper and punch numerous times, first with the wax paper on top and then with it on the bottom. Very helpful.
BTW - I am all for George C pics! And, I say, share what ever you are making. Seeing scrapbooking inspires me to scapbook!

Anonymous said...

I punch through soda cans.... and it only takes a few punches to get it to work MUCH better.... you just cut the top and bottom off the soda can, slit the can up the seam from top to bottom, un roll it and punch away... works like a charm!

Sharon Field / Inky A*Muse-ment said...

Hey Ellen.. never stop the blather!! I have a couple tips for you on the punch front... I punch through soda cans, just like anonymous mentioned.. the first punch is horrifically difficult to do depends upon just how long you have ignored the fact that the punch really needs to be sharpened. The second tip is that sometimes a punch will cease working due to a burr... a little chip of metal displaced within the punching area. For this, I use the scratchier/granier side of an emory board to work between the two punch halves, and/or around the punch edges... you can feel when you hit a burr. If you can't get the burr to release, you might have to try a bead reamer (they are longer and pointy-er kind of like the blues brother chins ha ha). As for that freezer stuff.. hang it up, doesn't work... Keep on punchin' Hugs!

Abi Bundy said...

You are so funny I love reading your "blathering" it just makes me smile! i too tried the foil technique :) it works so does a drinks can but you need gloves for that cos else it hurts and you only have to punch once or twice. wax paper works too but can get jammed so don't demo it or no one will believe you lol.

Lois Folla said...

Hi My Love! Also try sand paper, it works like a charm to sharpen scissors! I would leave a comment telling you I LOVE you after each of your posts, but won't want my hubby or yours to get jealous! You ROCK - and I really mean that!

Lois Folla