Monday, November 25, 2013


Happy Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Some of you are eternal optimists - continuing to check this old thing looking for punch ideas.  Sorry - there is a ton of paper on my desk but its all bills and files not cute shapes and cleverness!

But I've gotten a few "how the heck are you" messages so I thought I'd pop in here and give you gals an update.

I did NOT complete my new years resolution... it cratered mid March.  It was terribly fun while I did it and I'd recommend the photo a day project for another year but this year has been crazy.

I've moved Mom - helped her empty her house - she found her own new digs.

I've moved Father in Law - found his new place, moved him, then single handedly emptied a 5 bedroom house they had lived in for 48ish years.  (Oh Lordy!  If  you love your children go ahead and start cleaning out your paper and your JUNK now.  Don't leave it for someone else.)

I've moved ME into my mother's former home - remodeling and remodeling and remodeling so it suits us.  I'm in phase 3 and there are five phases to this.  Hubby has only agreed to fund thru phase four. Phase Five is my "dream on" stage in the kitchen I rarely cook in. That's gonna be a HARD sell.

Both my girls moved to different apartments but they did it alone because the day I moved I fell victim to a strange vertigo/vomiting thing that you do NOT want any details about.  (I'm fine now).

Hubby didn't move.  He is still "down under".  I'll get to visit soon.  YES!!!!

I'm sending out "store bought" cards this holiday since my paper is all held hostage behind a sealed door (remodeling in the next room and avoiding dust).  And the world will not end.  Heck, last year I never got cards out (yet the world still spins on its axis) 

I hope you are safe and warm and happy whether you are busy preparing for family time or looking forward to some quiet time at home.  Whatever your plans are - be THANKFUL!  We live in a wonderful world with wonderful people and wonderful times ahead!  I'm thankful you are one of the wonderful people who's path has crossed mine in cyberspace!

take care of your wonderful self


Terry said...

Have missed you and all your creations! Still come to your blog often (thank you for keeping it alive!).

Unknown said...

I'm with you Terry...I miss your blogging but thankful I can come once in a while for inspiration. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the update. Have been moving my Mom also and ran into some of the same issues. I am one of those that still checks your blog on a weekly basis to see if there is anything new. I also look up some of your punch art for those special people in my life.
Marci Parrott

Kathy Simpson said...

Lovely to hear from you. I've been missing your wonderful creations, but I know how things get, sometimes crafting just has to go on hold for a while.
Hope you & your family have a wonderful Christmas (I'll wish for your dream kitchen, miracles do happen).
Take care,
Kathy x.

kilroy said...

So glad to see a new post. Thank you for keeping your blog alive for us to use as a resource.
We did some remodeling and we are getting rid of at least a few things having cleaned out both parents houses. We have no kids so they will probably just haul our stuff to the dump.
Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.

Sue G

2fune said...

Oh Lordy, I got Vertigo just reading what all you've been through and still going through this year!!! Bless your heart, you are sweet to take a breath and give us an update! Ditto on prior comments, THANK YOU for keeping your blog alive and allowing us the resource to come back and draw on your creativity and inspiration! I, too, am one of many eternal optimists out there, saying to ourselves "wait for it"....we'll be here when you're able to cover your desk with the 'better paper'! Hang in there! Merry Christmas!

kilroy said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Sue G

Shari said...

I hope all is well with your mom and father-in-law. It is hard as we watch our parents age & actually have to parent them, however; I would not have changed any of it as I was blessed to be able to be there. Do miss your creations they are so awesome!