Friday, August 19, 2011

No punchin ' - Just talkin'

Still no punching around here.  Back from dropping off the kiddo.  Hard but not impossible.  Teared up but no hard core sobbing. 

And even though neither of the girls live here, they can still stir up plenty of drama.

Oldest drove youngest's car to work while hers was in the shop.
Left her purse in the car.  (note: I have only told her 300 times to NEVER do this)
Broken window.
Bye bye purse.

Hello DMV and Bank and all the other places you must go to replace ID.  Hello hassles, it is NOT nice to meet you.

So in case your Momma didn't tell YOU


or if you do just go ahead and leave the door unlocked so the thieves can just take it and you don't have to pay to replace the window and you don't have to vacuum tiny shards of glass out of your car.


Sandra said...

life lessons are hard ... never understood why kids always thought their parents were stupid ... personally I can not wait to be smart again!
Sandra ltb

Kristi said...

That totally stinks! But at least now she knows her mama was right! Glad to hear your drop-off at school was fairly uneventful.

zuziqu said...

I read this post yesterday, and came back today hoping you would have a "broken car window" punchie!

Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

I look forward to your posts, and am waiting (im)patiently for your next creation.


Claire Scott said...

Just a note to say YOU ARE MISSED