Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tissue Time

About this time last year, I advised you to buy plenty of stock in a tissue company in anticipation of today because today is the day I leave to take my youngest to college. 

I am ready for her to have her big adventure... to start her "big girl life".  But I'm not ready to change my job title.  I can't exactly claim to be a "Stay Home Mom" without a kid in the home, now can I?

I guess I am now "House Wife".... oh geez, that means I'll be judged on the cleanliness of my toilets and the tastiness of my cooking instead of the wonderfulness of my girls.

Cleaning and Cooking - oh yes, certainly reason enough to spend the day crying. 


Dawn Repovg said...

Ellen, my day is coming also...
my first born, went to school for the first day as a senior!! I am so not ready for her to do things on her own... she still needs me, doesn't she??? I am tearing up just writing this! I'll share my box of tissues with you!

DebbieKissel said...

I know how you feel-- I sent one to college, but my two that went into the Marines tore my heart into pieces. Dropping them at the recruiting station (thank goodness not at the same time nor in the same year) was sooooo hard and crying in front of a Marine recruiter is just not acceptable.
But you know what? They come home-- a lot! Enjoy the moments

Amanda Mertz said...

Ellen- having my oldest just going to kindergarten this fall I know the college drop off will be here before I know it. I hope it goes better than you expect!

slbt17 said...

so funny, that was the reason I went back to work when my kids started school! I worked part time, sort of, when the kids got on the bus, I went to work and was home before the first got off the bus .... could not be home to clean!
My middle guy heads off for his first year at college this weekend too, it is going to be very different around the house with out him .... I may need some of those tissues ... save some for me!
Good luck!
Sandra ltb

Sarah Ogden said...

I can remember 23 years ago this month when my own mom dropped me off at college. It still brings tears to my eyes..I am happy to say my mom is my best friend keep that in mind when you drop your child off.

zuziqu said...

It will get easier with time, and just think about all the scrapping you can do about her being away!


lifesabeach32940 said...

It's hard, isn't it? My youngest went to college last year, and I thought my heart would break ... Then, my oldest made some bad choices and died at 25 in March of this year ... Hard was getting through last Tuesday ... the day she would have turned 26 ... and watching the 6-year old daughter she left behind get on with her life without her mommy. Keep doing what your doing ... showing how much you love those two girls ... they will always need you!!
Best wishes to both your girls!!


Peggy said...

Ellen, although you don't know me, I follow your blog (and enjoy it so much)... I too am crying ... we dropped the oldest off today... 7 hour round trip... I just walked in his room, yikes (he left quite a mess, do I clean it, or just shut the door??)! I still have a 16 year old daughter home...and think the SAHM title is losing it's importance... who am I tomorrow??? I'm just glad to know that I'm not alone.... mom bloggers!

Patti said...

NO No No you are a creative artist working from are an inspirational coach (to all those punch challenged (like me) are a philosopher (sharing you perspective on life and your experiences)...and a domestic innovator (creating ways to get the work done so you can get to the really important crafting)...don't sell yourself short...whatever you do it well
patti moffett

CarrieNixon said...

Hugs to one great mom from another :)