Saturday, August 27, 2011

Call BPS

Someone needs to call BPS (Blog Protection Services) because I am SERIOUSLY neglecting this blog.

It is neglect when you totally miss your child's birthday, right? 

The blink blog had its second birthday this week and I didn't even think of it.

Bad blogger.

Can't really say what will become of Blinky this year.  I have the kids settled and am trying to get the hubby ready to work on the other side of the world which should leave me with lots of time to craft and punch but I'm not finding the enthusiasm for that. 

My short term goals are things like cleaning closets and painting bedrooms. And important things like watching Netflix.  I'll be scrapping and I guess some punch art will be created occasionally for that.

If you have requests, go ahead and ask me - maybe that is what I need to get punching again.  Otherwise, it may be pretty quiet around here. 

Which one of you is the lucky new landlord for the Inspiration Fairy?  She is a lovely tenant.  Please tell her I'd be happy to have her visit me anytime!


Debbie Martin said...

I believe that you have been busy over at VC Rocks. I would appreciate it if you could add follow by email your posts so that I wouldn't miss one of your lovely talented punch arts when the fairy comes back. Thanks!

CarrieNixon said...

I miss you and your creations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite stuff you ever created were the Santas. I LOVED the martini Santa, so much I bought the stamp set with the glass. I also LOVE Halloween.... any sexy witch ideas? :)

DebbieKissel said...

We miss you! I really need a bulldog-- kinda like UGA and the college mascot fact, maybe you could do a series of things that were college related! ???

Ellen Kemper said...

Debbie, I have done a bulldog before - not too long ago. Send me a photo or link to what you specifically have in mind.

Here is the dog link:

Diana Brown said...

Please don't go away! I just spent $217.00 on Stampin Up punches because I like your punch art so much. Your blog is the main one for punch art and I check it a couple times a day hoping for new things. Maybe you could come up with a pretty angel for Christmas, among other things. I hope your inspiration fairy shows up again quickly. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

When will you post again ? Been looking forward to this !

Peggy said...

I miss you too..... love your ideas. Now I just click back to all the old posts I missed before I found you!!!!

But you have a lot on your plate.... fairy wishes!!!!!

DebbieKissel said...

I found that bulldog and will try and see if I change his colors to white if it will work for us! I can't get the darn link to paste into the comment! BUT, I miss your posts, regardless of what you are making..come back soon!