Monday, April 25, 2011

Consider me a thief...

Three stolen ideas in a row, that must officially make me a thief. 

Stole this one from Hazel Comeau Tovell. 

Isn't that cute?  Hazel digi-punched the grad cap using the arm from All in the Family as the tassel! 

I love having just part of the face showing.  Click click  and I have a different hair do...

Click click click and I have altered my project for different school colors

And this shows you gals that aren't scrapbookers - MDS is for you too.  Cards!  Cards and calendars and all kinds of bits and pieces can be created with MDS.

I printed my digi project off here at home - added a ribbon, put it on a cardstock base and ta-dah!

Easiest Graduation Card I ever made!  And I'll need several of them this year.  I'm lovin' me some MDS!!!


Sherri Thacker said...

Another cute card. Love the simplicity!!

Ellen Kemper said...

and simple works for this kind of card - the recipient is usually more concerned about the $$ inside (grin)

joan said...

OK, Ellen, you have completely inspired me to try out MDS but the problem is...we are beginning the move into our new home on the lake and I just can't unpack all this stuff again. Hope you will be available for "consult" when I am ready to start. This process has me running scared but you are making look so much fun and I love your layouts!

Ellen Kemper said...

Joan, I am here for you, when you are ready. And I'm loving all the pics of your house on your blog - color me green with envy!

And anyone can go to for samples, videos, and a forum to ask questions and learn from others. You don't have to be a demonstrator to use this resource. Check it out!

I have more samples there too - ones that probably won't appear on the blog.

zuziqu said...

Ellen, you have not been "stealing" things, just CASE-ing everything! Plus, when you show us something, even if it is a CASEd idea, it still gets our creative juices flowing, and who knows what will happen!

Love your work!


Connie B. said...

Great card. It looks like you drew the girl. She's adorable.