Friday, April 22, 2011

I stole this idea...

Great way to get a lot of photos on one page huh?  And super easy in MDS!

I just plain out STOLE this idea from a digital scrapper named Christine Fuson. 

Hers was the highlights of her family in 2010 with a huge 10 on top (reduced opacity). 

Mine is my 2008 trip to Paris that I never scrapped.  I did a 2005 trip in detail as soon as I got home but I never got around to scrapping the second visit.

I could be going again but I already have a scrapbook trip planned and paid for.

You know you have issues when you chose scrapping in East Texas over a trip to Paris.

Just proves I'm insane...


rfeeny said...

You are awesome. I lost my dad, also, 2 weeks ago today, and I am so impressed by how far you have come since then.

Ellen Kemper said...

Please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss.

After swimming in emotional mess, I made the decision to focus my thoughts on Daddy's LIFE not his death. His life was such a wonderful, positive thing - that turned me around.

As so many blog readers told me, it gets better. Dear loving gals that they are, they were right! Timing will be differ for everyone but it does get better.

You need to cry and vent.
You need to take care of YOU.
You need to walk through this time of grief. Walk is the right word I think. You can't run through it, you sure don't want to sit and wallow in it but if you keep on walking you will come to a place on the other side where it is managable.

I'll be thinking of you.

zuziqu said...

Anyone who is a true scrapper will totally understand your choice! I love to pop into your blog every day, and look to see what new things you have come up with. You have encouraged me to get more into MDS myself, and I just did a page for my daughter that turned out wonderful!

Sue B

Ellen Kemper said...

Oh Sue, I'm so glad you tried it. I've been worried my MDS phase would bore you all and it helps to know I've inspired you to try it.

I have a feeling many ladies have this product sitting on their computers gathering cyber dust.

If you have it, open it, get the free updates (they have improved it) and get busy creating!

OR buy MDS or another digital program and PLAY! Hey, you are here looking at this blog so I know you have a computer and can use it!

Anonymous said...

Ellen, your work is haven't quite convinced me to go digital with my scrapbookking but maybe someday....I am just a paper hands on person. Paris vs scrapping....well......if I had a passport,,,,I think I would have done Paris.....or maybe not.....can you wear jeans there????LOL! Pansy

Ellen Kemper said...

Hey Pansy! Yes, you can wear jeans there but you stick out as an American tourist when you do.

I'm glad you like my digi stuff. I was just like you - I NEVER thought I'd love digital scrapping - NEVER NEVER NEVER. But I got MDS 1/2 price a while back on some special they offered and when I saw there were improvements, I just got on and tried it. I LOVE IT.

My scrapping weekend is next weekend and I'll be immersed in real paper, ribbon and toys - I can't see going totally digital - there are advantages to both methods.