Wednesday, June 22, 2011



I think we'll have to call June 2011 the "Lost Month" on the Blink Blog.

Went over to my former upline's house this week thinkin' she'd light a fire under my lazy crafting butt. But she was not up to that monumental task - I sat and visited with her while she scrapbooked. I punched a few pieces with a new pennant punch that is coming out July 1- but made exactly NOTHING worth sharing.

She was working on an old Halloween page where her son was TAZ. So we pulled up my punched Taz on her laptop and she recreated it. I just kept looking at it thinking "how the heck did I ever figure that out?" I was amazed at my former self - that was definitely genius compared to what I've thought up lately.

I have a couple of ideas that are flitting around in my head. Maybe July will be a better month.


Queenie Jeannie said...

I think everyone deserves a break sometimes!!! And yes, you ARE a punching genius!!!

It will come back to you - just don't stress about it and try to force it! And eat chocolate! That always makes things better...


Patricia Gessner said...

Ellen, you've been through emotional times. You need time to heal and then the urge and the ideas to create will all come together. God bless

Mary said...

When you get your mojo back, we'll be ready for you! Maybe the fairy needs a bigger wand?

amazonmother said...

There has been a lot of lost mojo going around. I'm banking on my first July order to kick me into geer... Thanks for all your GENIUS inspiration!

Sandra said...

you are always amazing!
Sandra ltb

Whimcees said...


It seems that many of us are having difficult times this summer - as one visits blogs to read of taking a break and/or having problems creating - or simply many days without postings. Hopefully July will bring back some better times for all!

You take care. Wishing you a good weekend - with happiness and relaxation!


Barbara Diane

zuziqu said...

Everyone deserves a break every now and then. Your mojo will return, and I will be patiently waiting for your new posts.

Hugs, Sue