Monday, June 6, 2011

18th Birthday

Here is how my smart nerd wanted to celebrate her 18th birthday:

She had never had a bounce house for her birthday - Check that off the list.

I am heading off with the girls on a fun trip for a few days.  They tell me I'll have Internet but I certainly won't have any supplies to punch you anything. 

Why don't some of you punch me some dolphins so I can scrap these photos when I get home? 


zuziqu said...

Where Oh Where has my blogger friend gone? Missing in action, I guess. I just wanted you to know, Ellen, that I am missing you and your posts. Hope all is well, and you are just busy with projects.

Ellen Kemper said...

thanks for missing me - I'm on a trip with my daughters - I shall return

Wanda said...

Oh, Ellen, this must be a "thing" for kids now. My great-niece had one for her 18th birthday too (I believe it was her 18th - could have been her 16th) - time flies.