Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hey blog readers.  Did ya notice I was gone?

Been "on the Vineyard" with my girls and my brother's clan and my mom (SO very nice to have relatives that plan your trip for you!)  Got home a little before 2 am - TIRED - so we all slept in

But I just had to post a little VICTORY announcement in case you didn't notice that our beloved MAVS are the CHAMPIONS in the land of the orange round ball and hoops with cute little nets dangling from them.

Hubby didn't travel with us because he had TICKETS to all the home games in the series and had to leave on a business trip before our scheduled return.  When I talked to him, he was so excited I think he could have gotten to his destination without the plane - we are flying high around here!!

I did snap several photos with punch inspiration while on our trip so I hope to actually have some punch art for you soon.  Sadly, first I must do laundry and grocery shop.  Vacation would be so much better if there wasn't a full day of CHORES tacked on to the end of it, know what I mean?


Lori B said...

Congrats to you and your Mavs!

Whimcees said...


You were missed and I am happy that you are back safely and all had a fun time!

Wishing you a good week - I look forward to seeing your new punch creations!


Barbara Diane

Sandra said...

glad you had a good time .... heavy sigh .... yes, vacation would be so much fun if the chores were not waiting for us as you said ....
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Is the laundry and grocery shopping done? I'm going thru Ellen witticism and creativity withdrawals!!!!

Tracy in Michigan said...

Welcome home. Thinking of you on this Father's day. Wonderful memories are a comfort for us "daddy's girls" once they're not here to hug in person. :-)


Ellen Kemper said...

Thanks Tracy for thinking of me today. You are right - it is a hard day. But there are fewer hard days as time marches on. Sending good thoughts back to YOU.