Friday, January 4, 2013

Photo A Day

I THINK it is going to be easy to keep my resolution to be "a little" creative each day.

I decided to take on a "photo a day" project. And this is my beginning:

Obviously, a work in progress - but the plan is to take a picture each day - FOR THE WHOLE YEAR.
I found a site that has suggestions (and I'm going to consider them REQUIREMENTS) for the photo. The creative part is deciding what to photograph for that "topic".  So far I've done: today, blue, ride and skies. 

The plan is to have one entire month per page - and any AWESOME photos that require journaling will be repeated a bit larger on the page opposite.  Cool idea huh?  Its really not too late for you to jump in with a similar project.  

With MDS from Stampin' Up! and my fantabulous new iphone with its amazerating camera, I think this is gonna be EASY and what a great way to record everyday life and common objects that we never bother to photograph!

Good news - I have a punch character partially done on my desk and hubby recognized the character so I must have a little of my mojo back.  Not ready for posting - be patient.


LM said...


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Wish I had a smart phone, but I do have a camera. alene

Anonymous said...

So good to hear from you again Ellen. I have missed your chatter. All the best for 2013.
Dianne Australia

joy said...

A great idea:) happy new year!

Laura said...

Sounds like a cool idea, I would definitely need the 'requirements'. Can you share the site? Thanks!

Ellen Kemper said...

The one I chose for Jan was from - you can goggle "photo a day challenge" and find MANY suggestions. Have fun!

Marg said...

I love your idea. This might be a way that I could do it. I have tried in the past but get so bogged down in trying to find just the right template, etc. that I don't follow through with the project.Is the one you are using a template or did you design it yourself. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Ellen Kemper said...

Marg, I just put 36 (6x6) photo blocks on ths page then took a few off for my title (and I only need 31 for January). With MDS it is easy to line things up and save them evenly. I'm sure other digital programs are similar.

This will be easy, photo driven and kept very clean - not a lot of fru fru or fluff.

Queenie Jeannie said...

OHMYGOSH!!!!!!! You're back! YAY!!!!! You've made my day!

Loving your photo idea!! Keep going!

Anonymous said...

Wohoo! Great Pictures. :)
Debbie Peterson

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Photo 365 from the app store (1.99) or PicCal lite (free)? U also do a photo a day, with captions...good to see you posting again!

Marg said...

Ellen, thank you for the information. Your page is looking good!