Monday, January 7, 2013

Surprise, a punch character!

This one is a surprise to me too, 'cause this isn't the one I was working on.  This one just **POOF** appeared!

(Do you think the Inspiration Fairy and her magic wand might be lurking nearby?)

As I was sitting in my comfy chair reading the news on my ipad, with the dishes being washed automatically, the rumba vacuuming my carpet and the sprinkler system running I thought of Jane Jetson.  I might not have my own Rosie but I'm getting darn close with all my automatic gidgets and gismos.

Head - 1 3/4 circle - trimmed a little on one side
Hair - circle punches near circle holes (just try it and you'll figure it out)
Bangs - curly label next to curly label hole
Neck - old arrow punch - just use a thin strip
Collar - square cut on diagonal
Chest - second smallest thing on the build a blossom punch
Skirt - sections of a 2.5 inch circle - colors are eggplant and perfect plum
Arm - Full heart next to full heart hole
Legs - one of the next to largest build a blossom next to same hole
Eyes and mouth - circles - use what you have
Draw on face
If I forgot to list something, please forgive me - I am WAY out of practice.

All punches listed are Stampin' Up!
Don't sell them anymore so I can't tell you what is current and what isn't.


slbt17 said...

Ha! That is pretty funny -
wonderful love Jane!
You have made my evening!
Sandra ltb

Queenie Jeannie said...

Love it!! The Jettsons was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid!

Debby said...

Cute, does this mean we will be seeing more I hope?
Excited your back, your punch art is amazing.
angel hugs

Rebecca said...

Welcome back! I loved your punch art. You did a great job. I hope you will continue to do more punch art & pictures

Anonymous said...

Luv it! I sure have missed your punch art! Hope to see more!

cindi said...

WooHoo! Glad you are back. Happy New Year!

Cape Craft Crazy said...

Yes !!! My Inspiration Fairy is back !!!