Friday, January 11, 2013

projects continue

Yes, I'm keeping up with my photo a day project - so far, very easy

Yes, I'm journaling with - not as easy, but certainly not hard

I downloaded the free trial of Stampin Ups MDS 2 and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna buy it - it gives you soooo much more flexibility and room to play.  And I LOVED plain old MDS.  Scrapbooking is about to reenter my world and it might not just be digitally 'cause... (see next sentence)

I plan on reorganizing my paper craft products this weekend - and I know that when I see some of the stuff I haven't looked at in awhile, I'll want to create.  Not sure what will come of that but certainly SOMETHING

Today I have a challenge for us (well, me and SOME of you).  Do you play Words with Friends?  Pick one of your games at random and see if you can make ONE sentence using 10 of the words

"Later, after the party, the coven entered the slum to aid the dingy dog and took a vow to help the debtor lads."  Sometimes I look at the screen and think what a funny story you could make from the words - Leave your sentence in the comments if you try it. 

See if you can make me laugh (no cheating - words must come from ONE game) 


joy said...

Maybe i am just like you, love doing many creative things and playing with words, but sometimes time is not enough and my brain just want to rest:) good luck to others and have a nice week end.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen
What a nice surprise to see you blogging and creating again.