Thursday, August 27, 2009

An Ellen Punch Original

I didn’t think I was going to have a post today – my latest project was for a contest, so I can’t show it to you just yet.

But I didn’t want to disappoint the dozen of you who actually read this thing, so I pulled out my newest SU punch which you can buy for $15.95 beginning September 1. It is an ornament punch and of course, there is a great stamp set to go with it. (One demo benefit is that we can have things a little early so we will have samples to show you – our dear customers and friends.)

As anyone could predict, I bought this punch first thing. Yet here it sat because I just cannot think “Christmas” when it is 100 degrees outside. Here in North Texas, it could be 100 degrees outside for yet another month. Ok, maybe only 95 degrees in September, but that is still no time to be humming Jingle Bells.

So why then am I yammering about this punch if I’m not going to show you a fabulous ornament?

Because the Inspiration Fairy FINALLY fluttered by my desk and I am going to show you something to do with this punch that is NOT for Christmas. I haven’t seen anyone else do this yet so we are calling this an Ellen Original! You can make an ACORN! 

The card sketch came from something I printed awhile back but luckily I printed enough so I can give credit to Julee Tilman at The paper is called Autumn Traditions and I love it! But how did I do the acorn? Can you tell? Do you need the details? If someone leaves a comment begging me, I’ll give you details tomorrow.


Unknown said...

I will leave a comment as I just love this idea. I know that I would love to know how you did this. Ok, I know that you said there had to be begging involved, so here goes! Pretty Please give me the instructions with sugar on top!!! I am sure that others can beg better but they won't be as sincere as mine!!! Thanks,

Sherri Power

Judy DiScipio said...

Please, please, please do share!!!!! I would love to see how you turned this into an acorn. I bought the punch right away and haven't even looked at it yet. Would you send the Creative Fairy up to Colorado??? I need a visit from her. Thanks, Judy :)

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Ok, here goes, please, please oh pretty please with gravy on top, could you please tell us how
you made this? Good enough? Cuz I got more. Ok, I got it. I'll give you a prize. That should make you want to tell us. I know you LOVE prizes. Ha! Love this one my friend. I finally put my order in and this is on it.

Hey, Holmes, I NEED a subscribe button. You got one laying around there somewhere?

Mary said...

Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous and so clever! TFS!

niemo said...

I hate to beg, but I will!!!! I love it when someone takes the obvious and turns it to a WOW "out of the box" idea, which you have. So I'm begging you to please tell me how so I can share it with other "rubber" friends of mine!!!!! Thanks in advance!!! You know what happens when you keep all these acorns bottled up inside you!!!!!!!!!!!'ll go nuts!!!!! hehehehehehehehe :O)
Linda Niemeyer