Friday, August 28, 2009

How to Grow an Acorn

I didn't know what I was going to post today if you hadn't begged; new ideas can be illusive.  So thanks to you beggers and to my Dano who promised me a PRIZE, today I will reveal the "How To" directions for the acorn from yesterday's post. 

It is so easy you will wonder why you didn't think of it.  I used Kraft and Soft Suede paper but Creamy Carmel and Chocolate Chip look great too!
Punch your ornament from Kraft paper, sponge the edges with Soft Suede ink (come pretty far down on the top with your sponging since the very top will be covered by the acorn cap and that is where your shadow would be)

Stamp a scrap (photo scrap is way too big) of Soft Suede with the Sanded Background stamp in Soft Suede ink.

Besides the ornament punch, you will use the large oval and the wide oval punches.

Along the edge of the SS scrap, punch 1/2 of a large oval (turn the punch over and you can SEE what you are punching) You can throw the 1/2 oval away - I just kept it for educational purposes.

Now you will punch the wide oval "around" the half oval you just left in the paper.  Stick it in the punch (punch upside down so you can see), push into the punch just so the edge of the paper hits the edge of the punch right at the "corners"  (sorry, no better word is coming to me)

Should look like this after your punch.  Can you see what I meant by corners?  This piece is your acorn cap and fits beautifully on your  'ornament'

But we still need that little stem.  So take your scissors and just snip a little bit right off the edge of the hole in the paper.  You are taking advantage of the "curve" left by the oval punches.  Should look like this.  Or something similar - could be longer or thinner or wider - whatever looks good to you.

Just one more step - sponge a little more Soft Suede ink on your "cap" and "stem" then attach to your acorn - in this photo you will see that you really don't need a big scrap of Soft Suede or that first half oval you punched.

Ta da - you have grown an acorn right out of scrap paper.  Wish I could figure out an easy way to punch an Oak Leaf.  Oh Inspiration Fairy..... where are you?


Loni said...

Oh gosh, the prize begging even extends to your blog... Of course, it also means you are easily bribed with prizes.. that's why we love you :)

Beth Redding said...

Another great creation Ellen!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Awww, I love it, too cute and easy. What would we do without you oh punch queen?

Thanks, now to figure out what that prize might be, lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh, good grief! I should have known not to follow your blog. I didn't think I needed an ornament punch at all, but now I can see that I can't live without it either.

Great job Ellen! Can't wait to see what other inspiration you receive using this punch.

Cynthia Ferenz said...

Very Clever. TFS! I'm doing a punch class next weekend and I think we will do this one, even thought it is a character class, with fall around the corner, they will love it....hmmm, maybe a face on the acorn - LOL!

Judy said...

LOL ~ I can see that I am going to be broke if I continue to follow your blog. The first time I saw the ornament punch, I was estatic ... "cause I didn't need it ..."

Stampindragon ... I think adding a face on the acorn would be a nice touch for your class!!

Luv 2 Cre8 With U said...

I love this. I am going to be having a fall card class coming up next week. This will be great to use on a card and teach to my customers. Thanks so much. By the way, you have a terrific blog and you are very creative.

Denise T. said...

Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial. I just made one and will add to my punch so many possibilities!

Lynn said...

Just when I think I have see it all . . .you do something else so fantastic. Shouldn't say that. You will bw working on a fan tomorrew. LOL.