Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It is all about YOU!

I'm really excited about this weekend on SplitcoastStampers - they are having a virtual scrap book night - and it is all about ME!  Look HERE!  Oh no, I guess I interpreted that wrong,  it is all about YOU, too!

There will be series of challenges issued and they will involve scrap booking about ourselves. Oh girls, this is a subject that gets me stacking my soapboxes on top of each other so I can climb up and shout "DO IT!"

We spend hours scrapping birthdays and vacations and gardens and what Junior wore on Halloween and Sissy's dance recital but do you know what will have REAL meaning to your kids?  Layouts about YOU!

Think about it..... What would you give to have some details about your grandmother's day to day life?  Wouldn't you love to know what your Mom's favorite things were when she was 35 - what she was interested in? (After all, you were just a kid then, too busy with your own self to pay attention to her).

I think your children (and theirs) will treasure having that kind of information about YOU.  So don't leave yourself out of your scrap books.  In fact, make one just about you.  Start a Book of Me (BOM).  I have one.  I intended to make 50 pages while I was 50 but wound up only making half of that.  My "revised" goal is 50 pages during my fifties (much more do-able).

Here is a layout I did during that initial BOM project  =====>>>>> 

No, there is no picture of me - that is my childhood dog.  But a lot of "me" is in that journaling.  What a simple, simple page - yet it tells the story that I wanted recorded.  And looky there - I managed to use punches on it! (I am a punch-a-holic and I do NOT want any 12 step programs to cure me.)

So I will be poking about on Splitcoast this weekend - finding inspiration from the challenges to get back to my BOM.  Please consider trying this - you are leaving out a critical subject if YOU aren't in your scrap books!  And come back next week to see if I actual got any layouts about ME done.


Anonymous said...

What a great blog, Ellen! I especially like this post & hope your readers take your suggestion to start a Book of Me.

Veronica Miller

Carolyn Sharkas said...

I want to make a BOM. Wanna help? Come on over, or I will meet you halfway and we can work on them together. I have wanted to do this for a long time, but never started it, now may be the time. TFS