Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gonna be a late night...

Ok, I’m sitting here blinking and thinking but not doing any inking because this place is a dump. Kid went back to school on Monday (YES! - I get my quiet “do what I want” life back). But the first week back to school is always my “DEEP CLEAN” the house week. If I deep clean now, I can play all Fall and do the bare minimum and not feel guilty (great system - try it!)

But the actual cleaning is no fun - you know, it’s the baseboard, mini-blind, ceiling fan, oh gross – I can’t believe I let it get that bad – kind of cleaning. Let me say here that the compressed air stuff that they sell to get the dust off your computer really does work on silk plants, and the wicker inserts of trunks, and the mesh fire place screen. (Please make note of this; it is likely to be the only house cleaning tip you will ever receive from me) Anyway, the living area was first and it looks FAB except – my desk.

I scrap and stamp in what used to be the dining area of our very open floor plan house. It is great because I can be stamping and still feel like I am with the family. It is horrible because all my mess is out for the world to see. And after a summer of swaps, challenges, contests, and RAKs for VC_Rocks, (hi, girls!) it is now time to dig out. And we don’t own a backhoe. Darn.

I have promised myself to get this done before I go to bed tonight. But it is so hard – cause I can’t put those cards away until I show them to my upline – and if I put that stamp set away I might forget to finish the tags for that scrapping swap – and if I move that stack I’ll lose those addresses before I RAK them back – and I hate cleaning background stamps and I can’t put them away until I do – and that was such a great idea but it needs something else before I send it….

And it is so much more fun to check email and look at blogs and type this entry than it is to deal with all that. I did sweep the floor, so at least something is improved. I think I will be up late…..

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Tammy Mendiola said...

So - I wandered over here from LNS today and I have to tell you that this is one of the most entertaining stampin' blogs I have ever read! And this particular post is one of my favorites! I can't tell you how many times I have been in exactly that position! In fact, if I turn around right now, I will see a huge stampin' mess that really needs attention - so I guess I'll just continue facing my computer and checking out blogs! Much more fun! Love all your punch art! TFS! - Tammy