Tuesday, July 5, 2011

D is for Drum

Yet another "why did I make this?" project - but I was playing with the new pennant punch which has a scallop and plain version and this popped into my mind.

Yes, the top of the drum is the retired small oval layered on the large oval.  Not sure I'll ever forgive SU for retiring this punch.  I could resign in protest but ummmm, that would hurt ME, NOT the company, so I'll just keep buying product and whining about my loss periodically.

Bottom of drum is word window
Base is rectangle
alternated pennant punch - trimming to fit rectangle

Easy - and you can make it for your local garage band drummer - or maybe a Little Drummer Boy Christmas card...???  Mine will wind up in the box of unused punchart - pretty big box and pretty full -not really a waste however, since it takes so little cardstock and keeps you gals entertained for a few seconds. 

I think alternating the pennant punch (as on the drum) would make a great quick border on a scrapbook page.  You could space them like the drum or use more than one color and push them all together.   But I'm not going to try that today - I "owe" you gals a few more punch art days before I make you look as scrap pages again.

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ottersln said...

I agree about the punch. I am sure it's sales or lack of that dictate what goes and what stays. Glad I have mine and I have NO intentions of not using it. Thanks for sharing.