Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Swallow your patience pill...

Be patient with me for a little bit - I had a roll of posts going but that has come to a screeching halt.

I'm knee deep in Jane Austen.  Remember the big workshop I designed scrap pages for?  Well, now I'm doing assembly of the kits.  And completing 2 more Jane Austen tasks that I was "volunteered" for...

Plus I have to prep for 3 online classes for VC Rocks.

I have 2 fun weekend trips with girl friends this month.

I have one kid moving to an apartment and the other moving into a dorm during the first 2 weeks of August.

Can you say BUSY?

I'll post when I can.  Keep punchin'!


Queenie Jeannie said...

Wow! You are one busy lady!!! Enjoy the time with friends and kids and know we'll be here when you get back - no worries!! Hugs!

Whimcees said...


In the midst of all that busy - have fun!

Wishing you all good things!


Barbara Diane

Patti said...

echo...will keep checking the meantime have fun through it all and enjoy the kids
patti moffett

Kristine said...

WOW--you are one busy lady. Have fun with it all and don't worry about all of us--we'll be here when you have time to post and when the Inspiration Fairy comes to visit. Enjoy your time with family and friends and we'll see you when you get back!!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun. I miss your inspiring art. YOU ARE BRILLIANT, I say that EVERY time I go to your blog. I do mean EVERY TIME!!

Speglerette said...

Relax Girl..there is so much inspiration on this site...I'll never catch up!...Love your talent!


zuziqu said...

Hi Ellen:

Just wanted to say that my patience pills are getting harder to swallow every day!

I have been enjoying going through your older posts, but I am looking forward to new ideas.

Hope all is well with you,