Friday, July 8, 2011

Random Woman

Sometimes you have some smart or snarky sentiment but no image to coordinate.  This is the type project/card that I like to use a "random woman" on.  So here is a random woman punch art

The hair was inspired by some of the "dos" from the 60s as I was watching DARK SHADOWS on Netflix.  Hysterical - the special effects are atrocious, the phones are rotary dial and you get an AWESOME idea of the 60s fashions.  Unfortunately, I've finished all the instant watch so I'll have to wait for them to mail the discs if I want to find out what happens to Barnabas Collins and the rest of the Collins family (imagine spooky music here) 

Here is the punch list if you need to make Miss Random:

Neck and Chest - feather duster looking petal from Blossom Petal Builder
Eyes - leaf from Blossom Petal Builder (trimmed a bit on one end - stack them and cut both at the same time for matching eyeballs) and 1/2 inch circle and black pen
Dress - Full Heart
Face - Ornament
Lips - circle from itty bitty punch pack at end of modern label hole
Hair - large oval and large ovals near large oval holes
Necklace - standard hole punch (anyone else think of Wilma Flintstone when you saw this jewelry?)

And here are some other random women I've made, in case you need 'em or missed 'em.
Sample A
Sample B
Sample C
Sample D

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