Friday, July 1, 2011

Tennis Power

Surprise!  Third post in a row...

I don't play tennis (I don't play sports - I think I'm "allergic" to exercise) but if I did, I would not want this character hitting a ball in my direction - this gal has some muscles!

Head - Owl punch (minus feet and ears)
Hair - NEW postage punch - as is, turned on the diagonal
Strip of something (I already forgot) for headband
Usual, usual usual  blah blah blah - legs are modern label with a line drawn to separate them. Lips are the tiny heart from the owl punch.


Anonymous said...

She looks intimidating.....gave me a chuckle....good work.Pansy

Terri said...

Ellen - I am a tennis lady - can't wait to do this for my tennis buddies! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I think you're back! But wow, you have some "angry" characters. I don't want to meet up with the tennis player or Rosie or Hornet! Tennis player reminded me of upcoming Olympics in 2012. Faithful fan, alene

slbt17 said...

you are too funny!
Sandra ltb