Monday, July 4, 2011

E is for Elephant

I am almost "giddy" when I can create a character using just ONE punch.  Man of Mystery from the Owl Punch was one of my most genius moments.
For today you get an elephant made entirely from the small tag punch (easily made from large tag punch too)

Here is the how to:

punch just a bit of the tag on the edge of your paper

 Punch one tag over the "hole" and 3 additional tags
 Trim 2 of the tags diagonally from the bottom corners to form the ears
Reinsert the remaining tag into the punch (twice) to remove the sections shown below (you can put your punch piece on a post it note to give you more to hold as you reinsert the punch piece) 
 sponge - draw on your eyes and nose "wrinkles" and you have an elephant


slbt17 said...

love it!
Sandra ltb

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely amazing!!!
What must be in your head!!!
Thank you for sharing.