Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Chicken in Every Pot?

I realize this might not have widespread application but it is the first thing that came to me after my little break from punching - and ya gotta start somewhere...

Perfect for a recipe card if you have a Chicken Pot Pie recipe.

Which I don't.

Because I eat the frozen kind - the ones loaded with sodium and convenience.

That is just the way I roll.

Couple of new colors on her for those of you interested.  The crown is the new cherry cobbler  - it is absolutely yummy and I can't wait to get my hands on some pattern paper with this color in it!  The beak is a new "in-color" called peach parfait.

Neck feathers - itty bitty shapes punch pack (too much - gonna be "itty bitty"  from now on around here)
Crown - itty bitty
Eyes - small heart (the stand alone heart - not Heart to Heart)
Wings - small oval repunched with scallop oval
Body - scallop oval repunched with wide oval to get smooth side
Pan - large oval
Beak - 5 petal punch right at the corner of paper so you get a point on both ends of the beak (the corner of the paper goes into the punch so you are just snipping one petal)
Neck - my way arrow - strip of paper will work fine
Feet - narrow heart to heart cut in 1/2 lengthwise to get 2 feet - trimmed with scissors to separate toes
Legs - narrow strip of paper

Do a little sponging, outline in black and add a few pen markings and you are ready to bake.


Veronica said...

Too cute!

Loni said...

Welcome back... and of course it will go perfectly on a scrap page of a 'Chicken Dance' from Germanfest.

Mary Marsh said...

this is super cute-love teh new colors cant wait to see the new catty-I have a really easy pot pie recipe if you are interested i can email it to you

Ellen Kemper said...

Sure Mary - If you promise it is easy - I'm no cook.

Patricia Gessner said...

Too cute and welcome back.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

OMG he's flipping hilarious! Love him! Was just telling my sister today, it's finally happened. All that chicken and turkey I've eaten over the years, has made me start
looking like a bird. I have a wing span and a wattle (sp?)