Thursday, June 3, 2010

Guest Puncher - Jessica Bowhall - Punch Art in MDS

Family health issues popped up again so my punching and posting will be sporadic for a bit.  But I went to check my saved emails to see if someone had sent me a punch project I could share with you today and found this AWESOME idea.

Jessica Bowhall sent this to me a couple months back.  Why didn't I post it immediately?  She had the fabulous idea to try punch art in MDS - My Design Studio, which is Stampin' Up! answer for digital scrapping and calendar making and digital cards and all kinds of cool projects on your computer.

Jessica made a Lowe's man inspired by my UPS man. Isn't this fabulous?

While you can't "re-punch"  or punch around a hole, you  can layer your punches and you can ADJUST THE SIZE of the punch shape!  How handy would that be when I'm trying to find just the right size eyes? 

Thanks Jessica for sharing you awesome project.  And what a great tip for those of you who don't YET have all the Stampin' Up! punches - you can still make "punch art" if you have My Design Studio!  

I'm sorry I didn't share this with you sooner - because you have missed out on all the fun of punching in MDS.  Bad blogger.  If you can find me, you can beat me with some retiring ribbon.


Loni said...

Cute! and glad to see you are maintaining your sense of humor.

Jessica Bowhall said...

Ellen, you definitely inspired me!!! Now I have a wall full of punches and my family is constantly oohhing and aaahhhing. Now, if I could just get you to share your pool boy!

Nancy Dawson said...

Jessica: Great job. He is really 'cool' TFS

Cahos' Chaos said...

You are surely in our prayers. This little man is so cute. BTW..what does MDS mean? I have seen it on a couple of other blogs as well. Thank you again for sharing. God Bless.

Ellen Kemper said...

MDS is short for My Design Studio - which is Stampin' Up!s answer for digital projects.

Calendars, scrapbooking, cards - you can get SU colors, papers, and stamps digitally with MDS.

Then you can have them printed through a company that is partnered with SU or you can print your project yourself.

Or you can just keep your layouts digital (sure saves room on the bookshelf)

Carolyn Sharkas said...

A Lowe's guy! Love him!