Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Retiring Punch News

The retiring lists are out at Stampin' Up! today and you can bet that I skipped over the stamps and went right to the accessories list to see what the powers that rule were doing to my punch collection.  You'd think they'd leave me alone since they are taking away all my skin tone paper.

First glance was a wave of relief - nothing TOO major will be retired.  They are "reconfiguring" lots of punches - which I think means they will be repackaged somehow - or maybe switched to that new flat style of punch.  ???

The My Way Arrows will be leaving us - and while I have found this punch handy handy handy I will survive its retirement.  The flower trio is leaving too - I'm OK with that - there are plenty of things that can be substituted. But we have BAD BAD NEWS.....



AWEFUL news......

No more slot punch!      

Woe is me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Use these for:
Eyebrows (lots of eyebrows),
dog collars (including Snoopy's),
sword hilts,
links of chain,
fingers (biker, Linus),
dog tails,
bowling shoes,
buckles on coats and shoes.

And all that is just what i can remember off the top of my head!

Punch art will go on with out the slot punch but it is tiny and it doesn't cost much and if you don't have one you should ORDER IT SOON because it is a handy one to have.  I promise it won't leave its prominent place in the best punch drawer.  It won't be moving into the retired drawer.  Nope - I'm keeping it front and center.

Now to go see what they are doing to my stamp collection...


Creations by Patti said...

Yes, I was prepared for ALL of them to retured and get reconfigured...........that is a HUGE investment for many but a great source for newbies who haven't gotten many punches. It will sure save a lot of space (like the cling stamps) BUT for us Demonstrators, we seem to be drained of our cash in this category. When I was crossing them out last night............I simply should have just tore the page out.........grrrr............

lifesabeach32940 said...

O.K., I don't get it (are you surprised, Ellen? LOL.) I went to Stampin' Up's site and read this about the punches:

Last Chance Punches: The old punch body style is retiring, but the punch images you love (plus some new ones) will soon be available in the new body style.

That's confusing, because it sounds like the 6 last-chance punches listed (Double Rectangle, Horizontal Slot, My Way, Small Star, Tag Corner, and Trio Flower] are coming back in the new body style. So, am I misreading, or is it clear to you? :)


Ellen Kemper said...

The way I read the lists we are totally losing tag corner, trio flower, double rectangle, horizontal slot, may way (arrows).

The rest are marked as being reconfigured which I take to mean coming out in the new sleeker body style - where they lock and unlock and are stackable.

The small star is on the reconfigured list - at least on the one that I saw this morning.

So, buy the arrows, slot, tag corner, double rectangle and trio flower ASAP if you want them because when they are gone - they are GONE. Retiring accessories are sold on a first come first serve basis. They may not be available for the entire month of June.

lifesabeach32940 said...

Thank goodness I have the arrows and slot, because I think they are "must haves." :) The other three would be nice to have, but I can easily substitute those punches with something else.

I have been meaning to ask you and might as well here ... I know you told me that you stored your punches in plastic drawers. Do you store them standing up and down or flat? I have one case solely for my SU! punches, and I am running out of room. They are packed pretty tight, but when I reach in to grab one or two, they move around. It is definitely a temporary storage issue; but, before I changed it, I was wondering how you stored yours. If you run out of things to talk about one day, maybe you could ask your readers how they store theirs, so we can compare notes. :)

I was also wondering your opinion on the new style punches. The design is fantastic, as they are easier to store, but are they as easy to use in punch art projects? Any problems punching from the reverse side so you can see what you are punching?

Carolyn Sharkas said...

What's really sad is that the My Way and Flower Trio were the last two punches I bought, just about a month ago. Oh, Well, I hear that there are a couple of new ones on the way that will make me happy, so we'll see, but I am gonna miss the slot punch, too.


Anonymous said...

I am suffering withdrawal symptoms already, love, love my slot punch.

Jill Hilliard said...

Oh ladies we are getting quite a few new punches NOT TO WORRY!!!! its all good!!!

Ellen Im sure you will have now great new tools to create majic with!!!