Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It is 2 AM and I'm just home from the hospital - FIL had a heart attack tonight - HE IS FINE.

He had the sense to dial 911 and they were there in a flash.  The doctor put in a stint and FIL was laughing and joking when I left the hospital - with a list of things he needs and social events to cancel.

Some new punch art in work but you may not see it for a couple of days - I'm not sure how much I'll be home this week and it is not "finished".  I'm sure I'll be at the hospital most of the week and the other oldies have doctor appointments too.  I think even I have a check up scheduled.  Health care is the theme of the week around here, I guess...

So when I'm caught up on my beauty rest AND off medical duty, I'll be back.

Sorry to disrupt your (almost) daily punch fix but that's life!


Amanda Phillips said...

Thats a pretty BIG event Wow ! Glad all is well and just a great big ole Thank you for all the sharing you do.

Veronica said...

Glad everyone is okay. Take care, Ellen.

Gaby said...

Gosh....what are you apologizing for, girl?
I'm glad to hear you FIL is fine.
Don't worry about us. We won't go anywhere, I promise. *wink*
Even though I love reading your posts, but family is always first.


Whimcees said...


Keeping you and your family in my prayers! Take care of yourself also!


Barbara Diane

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Ellen, so glad he is ok, I have been thinking about him. So glad he has you. He has a very lucky son, also, lol.


slbt17 said...

hope all continues to go well with your FIL - glad he is in good spirits!
hang in there!

Ann Aplin said...

Ellen, Take care of yourself & your FIL! Hope all goes well for your family.

kraftykat157 said...

keeping your family in our prayers.

jean said...

Keeping you and your family in
my prayers