Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Seasonal Recipe Cards

Yesterday I shared my Cheeseball Season recipe.  Today you get to see what I got from my Upline, Sidelines, and Downline friends.  These are all recipes they make during the Holiday Season.
This is a jello salad that Jenifer's mom made - the cherries are the 3/4 inch circle and the stems are the branch from the Two Step Bird punch.

Eileen swears that EVEN I can make these squares.  I'll let you know when I do.  The lesson here is in the border.
Not a Stampin' Up! punch but this idea may come in handy for you - she had us punch the border - then punch the leaves and put them back in the leaf holes - but we left the acorns spots empty so the brown would show through - and if the leaf didn't get "fit" into the hole perfectly - you get a great shadow effect.

Here is Becky's Pumpkin Roll - I've never made one of these either.  I used to have a neighbor who made me one each year.  Gosh I hate it when the good cooks move away....

This is Samantha's stuffing recipe - it sounds yum.  Notice how she mixed different stamp sets on this page - looks great huh?

This recipes sounds fabulous too.  I love Madeline's idea with the YUM tags.  I wish I had threaded the cord through the buttons instead of "tying" behind.  I think I can use this idea many times for different recipes - way to go Madeline!

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Carolyn Sharkas said...

love all these ideas and the recipes sound great, too. thanks for sharing