Friday, October 22, 2010


World Series here we come!

Woo Hoo

Go Rangers!


Lorraine said...

I am a Yankee fan but I have to say "Congratulations" because the Rangers outplayed and deserved to win. Good luck in the Series!

Created by Kath said...

Don't hate me, I'm an Angel fan. . . my second favorite team is anyone playing the Yankees or the Red Sox ;). It was fun watching the Rangers play and seeing so many former Angels, still missing Vlad! I'm glad he gets to play in the World Series!

Carol L said...

YAY TEXAS!! Bring on Cliff Lee, I LOVE watching that man pitch!!
As for the Yankees I say Boo-frickety-Hoo! (saw that on a card today and it seems appropriate for them eh? <;)
Keeping my finners crossed that the Phillies come alive again too!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Yankee's fan but I have to say "Congratulations" because the Rangers outplayed us all over the place! It's because you posted that cute Ranger baseball player! Alene

Anonymous said...

Yea Rangers ... now if they could just pass on some of their mojo to UT, A&M, Texas Tech and Dallas!

Linda said...

Longtime Red Sox fan, and diehard Yankee hater, so congrats for knocking them out. You guys deserve it for great play. Good luck in the Series!

Bev Gomez said...

Ya Hoooo for the Rangers! I wish I could join you at the series and I will pray for your Father! God bless you Ellen!

Linda said...

I am glad to see that you are back on your blog. I am looking forward to your amazing designs - - - when you feel like it.

It is very hard to recover from the death of a parent. It may take a long time. Only YOU will know when you are ready. Don't let anyone rush you.