Monday, October 18, 2010

Mad Scientist

For today I made a Mad Scientist.

NOT mad as in angry, you broke an expensive test tube.

This is a MAD (as in crazy, about to create a monster with a head even bigger his own) Scientist!

Head - 1.25 inch circle, small oval

Eyes - small Heart to Heart and 1/8 hole punch (retired - use a black marker)

Nose - small circle (don't remember which one) trimmed flat on sides

Moustache - modern label punched at end of modern label hole to get just a bumpy sliver

Eyebrows - same as moustache - just snipped off the ends of the sliver to get two small parts

Hair - scrap cut like grass

Body - modern label - trimmed flat at "feet" - drew dots all the way down

Feet - small Heart to Heart

Sleeves - ends of word window

Hands - small circle from itty bitty punch pack at ends of modern label

Test tube - part of word window in vellum - retired slot for end (use a tiny scrap and try to round the ends)

Total Height - 3.5 inches of crazy!

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