Thursday, October 7, 2010

Owl Pizza

No - this is not some weird recipe page for pizza using owl meat.

Remember "Man of Mystery"?
When I made the little detective using nothing but the Owl Punch?

Oops, I did it again
(sing along with me and Britney now)

This time I did a little chef makin' his pizza pie.

This is the title element for a page on our favorite family pizza - (not Mom's fave but the one the family has eaten for a zillion years)
Seriously, the ONLY punch needed to make this chef is the Stampin' Up! Owl punch. 
You'll also need a black marker, a post it note and scissors to make a couple of snips. (And adhesive, of course)

Hat - breast turned upside down - drew on the scallops and colored above them with a black marker (no trimming required)  The little "v" notch will be covered by his "hair"

Hair - feet  - three of them - two are 'toes down' on each side - then the middle one is 'toes up' to hide the notch

Head - breast

Nose - small circle

Eyes - tiny circles

Moustache - large circle punched around small circle hole - cut in half to get both sides of his moustache

Coat/Shirt/whatever you call it - breast - draw line and buttons

Pants - breast upside down (you will need to trim a little at the fattest part or it will stick out past his coat

Shoes - heart  (1 for each shoe)

Arm - heart

Pizza - breast - put on sticky part of post it note and repunch with breast

Pepperoni - tiny circles

Here are the "in process" photos for you visual ladies:

Punch parts shown here
 Now assembly in process - when I outlined the nose I didn't go all the way around - I left the top flesh toned
 On the next photo you can see that I slimmed his waistline to fit under his coat and started the pizza - this is the owl breast on a post it note
 This shows the owl breast (on post it) reinserted in the punch to get the pizza
 Here he is again

Thank you for your kind thoughts and words about our health situation.  FIL is out of CCU and possibly going home today.  He has minimal damage to his heart and is in great shape for 89 years old.  Of course if he lived in a rural area and hadn't gotten such fast response from 911, the situation might have been very different.  Cities have their downside but they have their advantages too. 

Hubby is thinking our retirement home should be on some secluded golf course in the Texas Hill Country and I'm thinking it should be next door to a major hospital.  (I bet we could learn to sleep through ambulance sirens)


Christi Waite said...

how CUTE! and how perfect for our son in law who is a chef at a restaurant that specializes in hand made pizza from scratch.

slbt17 said...

very cute!

Germaine Ferrao -Lenn said...

Oh, that is so, so cute!! Love this wish we had the owl punch so that I could make my hubby his birthday card! as he is a great pizza maker!! TFS, HUgs always! G

CarrieNixon said...

Love it!!! I just got the owl punch today!!! :D

CarrieNixon said...

FINALLY, i remembered my password... I always want to comment.... and can never remember it... How are you? How's FIL? How was your bday?!?!? :) Miss you! And when can we start seeing some Santas?!?!?! :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. Loved it!
I just got the owl punch, you help me see many ways I can use it! (How about a turtle with the owl punch?)

Shirley Pumpkin said...

that is cute.. a friend sent me the link to your blog.. Love it.. I am going to start following you..


Carolyn Sharkas said...

Ok, he is absolutely adorable, lol. What a cutie! Glad FIL is doing better.


Unknown said...

awesome! he would also look very funny holding a rat a la ratatouille

Kimm BT said...

I'm not on commenting... but WOW... that is awesome Ellen!!