Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Biker Santa

At our house we are NOT "bike" people -------BUT

I realize that many many MANY people get great joy from their bikes and for them I share today's BIKER SANTA

Greg M. - this one's for you!

Switch the color of the pants and the beard and you have any old big belly biker you'd like to make. (Yes, Greg - that would be for you too, hee hee hee)

Here is some how to for Biker Santa:

Head and bandanna - 1.25 circle
Bandanna tails - wing from two step bird near a circle hole
Eyes - standard hole punch white and black - adhered offset - add gel pen highlight
Nose - small circle trimmed on each side
Beard - scallop oval repunched with "end" of wide oval (could use a circle)
Mustache - small heart cut in half
Eyebrows - small circle near an oval hole
Belly - 2.5 circle - trimmed at back and bottom so you are using approx 3/4 of the punch - cut notch with scissors
Belt - strip from trimmer - (word window wasn't long enough)
Pants - large ovals - thin strip of grey from word window on edge of paper
Boots - full heart - trimmed at "base" of boot and "heel side" - rounded at leg opening
Gloves - modern label - repunched with 1/2 inch circle
Helmet  - 1 3/8 circle (use that again to make striped part)
Goggles - scrap into the small holes of the owl punch - toss the circle put the "hole" scrap into the word window (use the sticky of a post it note so you can hold on to it) - repunch again with word window to get the round ends - strap is just a strip
Buckles - tiny tiny scraps (good luck)


Cape Craft Crazy said...

Stunning, Ellen. Thanks for the recipe. I think most of us have someone we could use this piece of punch art for and not just for Xmas. I'm thinking Valentine's day, Easter, Halloween & birthdays! The possibilites are endless.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Awesome!!! You are so talented!!

Whimcees said...

A Biker Santa - how cool is that! You have a wonderful creative mind - love to see what you do!


Barbara Diane

slbt17 said...

this is fantastic! You are amazing!

kraftykat157 said...

WOW! He is tooo cute!

Anonymous said...

He is great...he could so easily be adapted into a skier...his boots are perfect...he just needs a pair of ski's or a snowboard

Carleen K said...

You never cease to amaze me with your imagination to make an unending cast of characters. Thank you so much for sharing that talent with the rest of us!

Cindy said...

You still never cease to amaze me. You are an "awesome possum" Ellen. I greatly appreciate you sharing your talent.