Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time to Chill

Honestly, my friend Pam does NOT have a thing for polar bears and I KNOW that.  So why is this the second polar bear birthday card in a row?  She is the victim of timing - I'm thinking holiday characters but I don't want to do anything too "christmasy" for her birthday card so it winds up being polar bears...  Last year she got the Coke Bear and this year she gets Chill Bear.

When I gave her the card, she said we could make the polar bears a birthday tradition.

Inspiration came from a tiny gift tag another friend, Mary, had on a package she was about to mail.  Spied it and quickly pulled out my camera and snapped a photo just so I could copy it. 

Head - wide oval
Body - wide oval turned the other way - seam of the two ovals hidden by scarf
Arms - wide heart to heart
Legs - small oval
Feet - medium oval (is that what they are calling it? - the new one)
Soles of feet - 3/4 inch circle put on a post it note so I could repunch and get kinda an oval
Scarf - wide oval punched next to wide oval hole (3 times to get pieces of scarf)
Nose - like soles of feet - add white gel pen highlight
Ears - word window ends

Draw on eyes and ear markings.


Elizabeth said...

just LOVE this card - he is so cute. Can I CASE?

Kristi said...

I am SO making one of these polar bears today!

slbt17 said...

very cute!

Anonymous said...

Ellen this is really cool. She'll be very pleased for sure. Thinking of you....
Patricia Gessner

Debby said...

Another great card Mary, you have such talent when it comes to these punches. Love it!
angel hugs