Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

Goodbye 2010

2010 was a rough year for our family. Hubby and I couldn't wait to see it end.  But isn't that just like "us, humans" to focus on the negative?

Hubby gave me one of those digital frames for Christmas - lots of internal memory so this week I started putting photos into it.  What an amazing gift he gave me!  As I looked back through our 2010 photos I realized it wasn't such a bad year.  Sure, we had some severe rough patches with the oldies health and losing two of them to death but there were many many many good things that happened this year and some great fun memories - a college graduation, a couple of great vacations, and many fun family moments.

As we turn the page to 2011, my wish for you is that no matter what the new year brings, I hope that you do things to create great fun memories.  And I hope you create a few cute paper projects too!

Happy Punchin' and Happy New Year!!!


Peggy said...

Thank you Ellen! You are a true inspiration. I love your work!!
Happy New Year!

Gaby said...

Hi Ellen,

a Happy New Year to you, too!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Happy New Year!!

Thank you for sharing your talents with us all!

slbt17 said...

so true, we need to focus on the positive, find the silver linings.
Happy New Year!

Estelle from Hernando, MS said...

Happy New Year! Ellen. It is my prayer that the new year brings to you and all of your followers a Beautiful and Happy year.

Carol said...

Thanks Ellen and oh so true that we must focus on the positive not the negative. Wishing you and your family a happier, healthier New Year.

Lori B said...

I love dropping by your blog for a little laugh and to drool over your amazing talent! I am glad you were able to put your year in perspective, anytime we focus on the negative, that is all we see. I too lost a parent this year in May and yet when I was writing Christmas cards and realized all the amazing things that happened I was able to put our loss in it's place. We are sad to not be able to share our day-to-day with Mom, but know we were blessed to have her become our Mom (she was our step-Mom, but our Mother died when we were all under the age of 5, so to us she was Mom). I am looking forward to 2011, but will never forget 2010. Happy New Year to you!