Monday, December 6, 2010

Not a rear view...

NOT a rear view of a snowman (that would be kinda dull) but rather a top down view.

NOT my original idea (wish it was).  I first saw this done by Lynda Fraiser HERE.  But I hear that Sharon Field was the first to do it.  And I seriously copied the face from a card by Doris Denman that I saw on a Stampin' Up Demonstrator site.

So, since so many ladies have done these, you have probably already seen one - but this is one from me.  I used it on a tag for a swap with my upline/sideline/downline.

Base - 1.75 circle
Mid-section - 1 3/8 circle
Head  - 1 inch circle
Arms - snowflake punch - with twigs trimmed
Nose - freehand triangle using "deckle" edge scissors (remember all those fancy scissors from the late 90's scrapbooking?)
Hat - half  of a one inch circle in green - small oval near small oval hole in blue - 1/2 inch circle in blue

Face drawn on - cheeks are my finger print in pink ink.


Sarah Ogden said...

And your snowman is the best!

Bethvb said...

Love this guy! I have to get punching and make some tags!!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! I think YOU'RE BACK... alene

slbt17 said...

very cute - love the hat!

Anonymous said...

Your tag is really cute...i see that Sharon has posted Doris's card on her blog with her permission


Ellen Kemper said...

Thanks Sara for providing the link - Doris' scrapbook punch art is FABULOUS!!!

Wendy Hawkinson said...

This is just the cutest, Ellen! I love the textured hat and the top note. :)

Hugs and Smiles,
Wendy Hawkinson

Tracey said...

Love the idea of putting this snowman on a tag! I'm gonna use this idea for my December stamp club, thanks for sharing.