Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Link to Love Bug

Are you in the "Mood for Love"? 

No, I'm not trying to seduce you - I just saw a CUTE CUTE CUTE Valentine Love Bug on Kay's Creations on Paper blog and thought I'd send you HERE to see it.


No, I'm not calling you that -  "Darling!" is the perfect adjective to describe her project.

She is offering a class so she doesn't have the directions posted but I'm betting some of you clever clever ladies can figure it out for yourselves - or at least get close - if you need a Love Bug.


kay said...

Hi, Ellen! Thank you for posting a link to my blog! Have fun with the challenge :) I just wish I could all be near you and teach you :) Happy Valentine's day to you, Bon Ami!!! Hugs, Kay - Creations on Paper

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen,

Just a quick post checking in on how you are as you have not posted for a while...I hope you and your family are well!

I am missing my daily fix...but providing you are ok will continue to stalk your blog from afar and patiently await your next post.


Whimcees said...


Stopping by to say hello and hope that all is well. I know that you are busy but I do miss your posts! :<)

Wishing you a good week!


Barbara Diane