Sunday, January 30, 2011

Unfinished Share

I don't want to face that Angry Blog Reader so here I am again - sharing something unfinished. 

The punch art is finished - I just don't have it on the recipe card...
Base - modern label - just 2 "bumps" worth
Stand up part (technical name, I'm sure) - modern label
Top - wide oval trimmed flat
Buttons - dry embossed using the mat in the good old paper piercing kit as the template
Beater - thin strip and word window repunched in brushed silver cardstock- use pen or marker for "holes"

VERY easy and applicable to so many recipes!


Anonymous said...

Love the mixer! It actually looks like what I use. (Except mine is 40 year old stainless steel.) I tried to make a vacuum for you to hold on your previous post, but I didn't know if you had an upright or canister version. Then I saw the suggestions for Swiffers, cocktails, etc., and decided I was too old for the conversation... Always love your posts. Alene

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to add the bowl. "Lift" the beater!

Kim said...

How cute! I'm sure you get a lot of these, but that is because you are so amazing!! I left you an award at my blog today. :)