Saturday, January 1, 2011

Santa 1964

Last year, one of my Santa Creations was a Golf Santa and I said I'd use him on a layout with a photo of hubby because that was the only way I'd ever have a picture of hubby with Santa.


When I cleaned out my in-laws house for my father-in-law to move home this past summer, I told him my reward would be the closet under the stairs - I would get to go through it and copy the old photos (that I knew were there but had never seen).  He said I could have ANYTHING from the closet that I wanted.

Well, despite my hubby's claims that his photo was never taken because he was the third boy... I found a box of photos of him and this little gem was there
The "greenish" stuff is actually silver embellishments from my stash - but from the photos I took, we had a choice of awful glare or greenish embellies.

Evidently Santa had really thick eyebrows in the sixties - and a grumpy face.  I'm glad he got happier and better groomed before my girls came along - I'd hate to have too many photos with this furrowed (and hairy) brow.

FYI - the lettering is vanilla cardstock stamped with a newsprint background stamp and then the letters were die cut.  SU has/had some paper that looked like this - now I can stop worrying about running out and make my own.  I hit a 40% off sale at a scrapbook store and broke the bank saving my husband money!


slbt17 said...

love it - the things we girls do to save money - not sure if it is appreciated!
Santa may have been grumpy, but your husband looks very pleased!
What a great layout!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Know there's no picture of me with Santa...not under the stairs, not in a closet, not in a shoe box, nowhere. He was way too scary for me with those bushy eyebrows! Glad you found the proof and have made a great keepsake page for your family. That's what scrapping's all about. Alene